• May 23, 2022

Fallout 4: the five most difficult quests

If you like post apocalypse games, then you must play these most difficult tasks. They help to truly feel all the hardships of life after a nuclear explosion.

Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the player will have to complete over 200 tasks, each with its own history, awards and challenges. A gamer has a lot to do: follow the progress of the main story, help the citizens of the Commonwealth, or improve relations with a specific faction.

While the difficulty of the quest will depend on the player’s skill and character level, there are some quests that fans find difficult regardless of the swing. It is impossible to pass them quickly even with one of the best companions. We share with you the most furious tasks from Fallout 4.


Fallout 4 Reunion

In this part of the main quest, the main character has to hunt down Konrad Kellogg, the man who stole Sean (the protagonist’s child) and killed his wife at the beginning of the game. Part of the quest destroying that NPC, and that’s the problem.

Konrad has a lot of health and tough leveled armor. He’s also not afraid to use stealth combat, stimulants and grenades in combat. In addition to this his body was improved by the scientists of the institute, which significantly extended his life and made the hero much stronger. This is a tough fight, which gets more difficult the higher the player’s level.

Better not to remember

Fallout 4 Better not to remember

In the Far Harbor DLC, the player is required to obtain all of DiMA’s memories in order to confirm Kasumi’s suspicions about Sint’s true motives. It sounds simple enough, but in reality getting these memories will turn into a real nightmare.

Memories are locked in the Core Control Center, which is guarded by robots and challenging puzzles. The riddles themselves are quite difficult, and at the higher levels of the game, gamers will also face the Sturmotron – a pre-war robot. Defeating these opponents allows the player to enter the Center, where he must solve five more challenging puzzles in order to gain access to the memories.

Lid in a haystack

Fallout 4 Lid in a haystack

While the world of Fallout 4 can be quite tedious on its own, the difficulty pales in comparison to the Lid in a Haystack quest. To complete this task, the player must search several areas of Yader Town for small letters (pieces of code) hidden in different objects.

This means that the gamer will have to go through one of the most dangerous areas in the game in search of secrets in order to move forward in the story. It will take quite a long time without a guide. The player will have to kill many strong raiders and other enemies to get all the pieces of the code.

Protect Castle

Fallout 4 Defend Castle

Following the Minuteman questline, the player will have to ensure the safety of the original faction headquarters, the Castle. The player is tasked with securing the Castle, and then defending it from waves of enemies.

These opponents are some of the most powerful enemy NPCs in the game, and waves follow one another. Of course, the player can build up a defense, and recruits of the Minuteman will show up to defend their home. It helps, but not too much. Players who encountered the Queen of the Mirelurks herewill definitely say that this quest is one of the most difficult in the game.

Hunting season

Fallout 4 Season of the Hunt

Many players consider Season of the Hunt to be the hardest quest in the game. There are several ways to start this quest, but most often it is given by Preston Garvey. The idea of ​​the quest is to destroy every gang in Yader Town.

As soon as the leader of the criminal group is killed, his subordinates will immediately become hostile and start attacking the player. As a result, the player needs to kill 80 high-level, well-armed raidersincluding even more powerful gang leaders who are rarely alone.

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