• May 23, 2022

Female protagonists surpass men in video games in 2020

Would you like to play as a spectacular main character with a strong character? There are more and more of them!

Control Ultimate Edition

Female protagonists are becoming more and more popular in the world of computer games. Steam even has a dedicated search tag. by which you can open a list of projects where girls play the main role. However, in 2020 this love reached its climax. Yes, there are still a lot of games with male protagonists. But in the first 10 months of the year, more projects with women at the helm were published than in the entire time of the gaming industry. Only in the “New” tab on Steam, if you search for projects by the tag “Female protagonists”, you can get 7 pages of content.

This year, publishers have broken the record for most games with female protagonists.

Not all games where the fairer sex takes the lead have been equally successful. Some projects made a splash and became bestsellers, while others will sink into oblivion. However, the very fact that there are more ladies in games cannot but rejoice. We are sharing with you the five loudest releases of 2020, where the main characters were women. The ladies literally saved some of these projects with their presence!

STAR WARS: Squadrons

STAR WARS Squadrons

Genre: Action simulator.

Russian language: only interface, dialogs not translated.

Developer: MOTIVE.

Steam rating: 73%

We already wrote that STAR WARS: Squadrons became one of the most noisy flops of the year, and it happened for a reason. At the moment, the rating of the project on Steam has risen slightly, but it is still not high enough to argue that the game has been rehabilitated.

Gamers are invited to take control of the spaceships of the Galactic Empire or the New Republic. A gamer can create any character for himself, including a female one. In addition, ladies play an important role in the plot. Admiral of the Imperial Navy is a black woman

The players accepted the project ambiguously, but not because of the role of the ladies in it. Most of the complaints were purely gameplay. This game could be a great example of how women can fight in space battles as well as men., if not for EA’s unpleasant oversights.

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II

Genre: Adventure thriller.

Russian language: the game is fully translated.

Developer: Naughty Dog.

The second part of The Last of Us, unexpectedly for everyone, became a game where the protagonist is only a woman. Joel dies in the first scenes of the project, and it is Ellie who moves the plot further. In addition, there are other strong female characters in the project.

The gameplay is not much different from the first part. The player will have to kill zombies and robbers in order to survive and unravel all the secrets of the plot. The gameplay has improved significantly compared to the first part. Gamers have more maneuvers, tactics and weapons available to them.

The players welcomed Ellie as the main character warmlyhowever, Joel’s death shocked many. Fans wanted to see a sequel to these brave and charismatic characters.



Genre: Football simulator.

Russian language: fully translated.

Developer: Electronic Arts

Steam rating: 76%

One of the most popular football simulators – FIFA – was included in the “ladies’ games” regiment. Of course, women’s teams are no longer a novelty for this series, but it has added to the statistics and added another option to play as a lady in 2020.

The project cannot be called successful due to server problems, cheaters and a small amount of fresh gameplay. Nevertheless, women’s soccer teams can be appreciated here. Some players noted in their reviews the opportunity to play the women’s team is almost the main advantage of the game. Many even started following these players after playing Fifu for them.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth

Genre: Indie adventure.

Russian language: only interface and subtitles.

Developer: Frictional Games.

Steam rating: 75%

The main character of Amnesia: Rebirth is the young girl Tasi, who is part of a group of freight forwarders. Her task is to draw up drawings, which emphasizes the high intelligence of the girl. She flew with her husband to Africa, but their plane crashed. When she came to, there was no one around. The story tells how the heroine copes with life’s hardships and is looking for her husband.

In terms of gameplay and plot, the game did not show the fans anything new, but it kept the mood and atmosphere. Nice graphics and an intriguing story are attractive enough to spend a dozen hours of play in Amnesia.

The players accepted the project initially coldly, but some fixes from the developers corrected the situation for the better. Yes, a lot of fans were hungry for more, but Tasi was an interesting and pleasant protagonist for them anyway.

Control Ultimate Edition

Control Ultimate Edition

Genre: Adventure action.

Russian language: only interface and subtitles.

Developer: Remedy Entertainment.

Steam rating: 89%

The game itself was released in 2018, but it was in 2020 that it was polished to a shine and released the Ultimate Edition. In this project, players need to control the spectacular Jesse Feyden. The girl has paranormal abilities, shoots well and has good physical fitness.

The gameplay takes place from a third person. The main character can use telekinesis, as well as be saturated with energy from Power Objects. At their expense, she gets special skills, such as levitation.

The players received the project warmly, noting the large number of notes within the game that help you learn more about the world and better reveal the characters. Also, the project was marked by wonderfully elaborated shootouts, a dark atmosphere and good game physics.

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