• March 4, 2024

Fights ± 1 level in WoT

The developers continue to talk about possible options for the development of the game, which is now a priority, dispel rumors and myths.

Greetings, tankers! On one of the last streams with the developers, the topic of making battles with a difference of one level was raised. In addition, we will supplement the information with details of the balancer and plans for the formation of platoons.

In World of Tanks Blitz, the difference between vehicle tiers in battle has long been less than one. Therefore, many players ask the developers a question when they will finally be able to see something like this in “big tanks”. It’s always frustrating to play at the bottom of the list:

  • armor almost does not save;
  • difficult to punch;
  • sometimes there is a lack of visibility.

But the situation is even more complicated if the battle “at the bottom” has to be carried out on stock equipment. For example, consider the popular Caernarvon tank in the original and top-end configuration:

We have highlighted the key parameters. The nuance is that initially it is necessary to open the chassis in order to deliver at least something. Next, we farm the experience for the tower, since only through it can you take a new gun. And all this has to be done with 76 mm guns with an alpha of 150 units. So the players there are several options left:

  • to the detriment of 1 equipment slot, put the module at + 10% to the carrying capacity of the chassis;
  • pour in free experience (it is not easy to farm it in the required amount, more often it is transferred for gold);
  • pump by knocking down x2 or by shares for experience;
  • just suffer and endure, drain statistics and be one of the most useless team members.

And we smoothly move on to the fact that you can reduce your torment and save time simply by zadona.

A premium account gives more experience per battle + you can increase x3 experience five times in a victorious battle. But not all players can afford to regularly invest money in the game.

According to the developers combat level ± 1 will make the game worse:

  • the variety of battles will become less, they will be more of the same type;
  • the search time for a battle will increase;
  • the game generates emotions, and the positive will not feel so happy if there are no negative ones.

Therefore, the developers believe that now there is no need to deal with this issue… A similar situation with a decrease in the level of battles will only make the random worse. There is no reason to believe that ± 1 will do more good than harm.

We will definitely not see such changes in the game in the near future. Therefore, for our part, we can only suggest that you familiarize yourself with how the balancer works in WoT. Using examples, we have sorted out in detail what the top list depends on and what technique balances best.

What do you think about this? Would you like to see a battle level of ± 1 in big tanks?

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