• March 4, 2024

Finally, Facebook can delete sent messages

A week ago, Facebook announced it was introducing a feature that many users have been expecting – deleting sent messages. Previously, such a function was the prerogative of the company’s leaders, today it has been made publicly available. From now on, users are given 10 minutes to delete a message sent via Messenger. The ability works both when sending letters to groups, and for a specific person.

To delete a message, just click on the message and select the “Delete for all” menu item. After clicking on this button, the message disappears from the dialog irretrievably. Instead, a notification appears that the sent message has been deleted by the sender. The function is interesting in that it supports visibility limiting. You can only delete the message for yourself, but leave it visible to the recipient.

A little background

Facebook promised to make a similar feature a year ago and make it publicly available. This promise was preceded by a scandal that Mark Zuckerberg and other executives could delete sent messages. At the same time, the company promised that it would disable the feature for executives until it becomes generally available.

Messenger is far from being a pioneer in this direction, many messengers have already added such a function. In Telegram, you can delete messages for a long time. WhatsApp also allows you to clean up emails within 1 hour of being sent.

Is the feature useful and will you use it?

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