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fix on computer, tv and android

The ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED error is familiar to everyone, but it is more commonly known as “The web page is not available.” The error code can be seen under the name and basic instructions for eliminating the error, which is far from always able to help. This problem has been known for a long time, all devices with access to the network suffer from it: smartphones, TVs, computers, tablets, and others. Within the framework of this guide, the most common solutions to the error and its true meaning are considered.

Err name not resolved: error description

To understand what to do when a failure occurs, you should get at least a basic understanding of the origin and nature of the error. You will have to start a little from afar.

Error name not resolved

All sites have a specific domain, which we see as the name, for example, ru, com and others. This is for readability and memorability only. In fact, the computer does not care the name of the site; it must understand where to go to get information. To do this, it uses a sophisticated algorithm that translates a regular domain into a network protocol address. To perform the conversion, a DHCP server is used as a conductor.

For a better understanding, consider the algorithm for automatically configuring network access on most devices:

  1. The system sends a request to the DHCP server.
  2. On the other side of the user, a scan is performed for the range of available values.
  3. As a result, the computer receives the necessary data to connect to the Internet, including the address of the DNS server.

The net err name not resolved error appears due to a problem at one of the stages of the request. Most likely, the server gave an incorrect result or did not respond to the request at all. The failure occurred due to the processing of domain names. The Internet may be present on the computer, but access to the network is not possible, since the system is unable to determine the correct address for loading the site.

Important! If there is no access to the site, but the rest of the web resources are loading correctly, then the reason is not in a specific system. Most likely, the server is undergoing technical work. When an error appears during the launch of any site, then we can conclude that the problem is from the provider. Most of the malfunction is already known, but you can additionally report to the contact center of the service provider.

The error does not always appear only through the fault of third parties, even your own system can fail. Windows or Android problems may have caused DNS failures.

Possible causes of a DNS error

DNS errors

What can cause the error:

  1. The DNS server could not find a bunch of alphabetic and numeric site views. Either the web resource is closed or the server is malfunctioning.
  2. Incorrect router or connection settings. Incorrect DNS server addresses may be specified automatically or manually during connection. The request to decrypt the domain goes in an unknown direction. Then naturally there is no expected answer.
  3. The provider has a problem.
  4. Antivirus or firewall blocked access to the web resource due to suspicion of viruses.
  5. Failure in the device: the DNS cache is clogged, the tcp / ip protocol parameters and so on.

How to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error?

It is not always realistic to fix the problem on your own. The problem may lie in the jurisdiction of the provider, the owner of the site, and others. And yet, you should exclude the possibility of a malfunction on a specific device. All available solutions are absolutely safe for the system.

1 # Clear Chrome Host Cache

The Google Chrome browser differs from the rest in its high speed of work. One of the algorithms for speeding up page loading is DNS cache. Some bundles of text and digital names are saved in it, eliminating the need to reload them. Usually, the most popular user sites are entered here: VKontakte, Google or Yandex and others. Thus, instead of retrieving the site address again, the browser fetches it from the cache. However, things don’t always work smoothly. Incorrect values ​​may cause this fault to appear. To fix it, you need to clear the cache.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Click on the plus sign to create a new tab.
  2. Insert into the address bar: chrome: //net-internals / #dns
  3. Click on the only button: “Clear host cache”.
  4. Go to page: chrome: //net-internals / #sockets, where to click on the “Flush socket pools” button. This action is aimed at resetting the cache of the currently loaded sites.
  5. Refresh the problem page and check if the site is working.

2 # Clear the saved DNS cache of the computer

The browser is not the only application that logs out to the web. Almost all programs use the Internet to a greater or lesser extent, which is why the DNS cache is stored in Windows. The goals of creating this storage are the same as in the previous case – to increase performance and reduce latency.

After clearing the DNS cache in the browser, it is logical to tackle the Windows data:

  1. RMB to “Start”, select “Command Prompt (Administrator)”.
  2. In the console with full rights, enter the command: Ipconfig / flushdns and press the Enter button.

3 # Update new IP and DNS server

If deleting temporary data did not work, then you should start updating the network protocol. Its failure can lead to the same ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error.


  1. In the Windows search, enter “Command Prompt” and run the found application.
  2. Paste into Console: ipconfig / release, then Enter. This command cleans up the involved IP.
  3. To get a new identifier, enter the command in the open line: ipconfig / renew, apply it with the Enter key.

4 # Clear browser data

This solution is necessary if there are problems with a specific browser. It is very easy to check this, just load the site on another web browser: Opera, Internet Explorer. Does it load on one browser, but not on the other? This means you have to resort to a relatively radical method – complete cleaning of user data.

For this you need:

  1. Go to the window with the problematic browser.
  2. Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del to quickly open the desired menu.
  3. In the “Basic settings” and “Additional” tabs, select all items and click the “Delete data” button.

Bug fix on other devices:

Less commonly, but the err name not resolved message can appear on smartphones and TVs. In these cases, the approach to fix is ​​different.

On an Android phone

The mobile platform is equally vulnerable to this issue. When loading the site on a smartphone, this problem may appear, only it will have to be fixed differently. The main difficulty is that there is no way to change most of the parameters available on the computer.

Here are a couple of fixes:

  1. Change of connection type. It makes sense to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile internet, then check how the connection works. If in this way it is possible to fix the problem, then the matter is in configuring the Wi-Fi router. The same should be done if there is a problem on 3G or 4G. If after switching to Wi-Fi everything worked, then there is a bad connection in this region or technical work is underway at the mobile operator.
  2. Replacing DNS on a Wi-Fi router. Did you find out that there is a problem with your router? It is worth going to the router settings through the phone’s browser and installing a DNS server from Google with IP and
  3. Removing a low-quality or malicious application. It is recommended to start your smartphone in safe mode and try to open any website. If the Internet is working, then the recently installed application was the fault of the failure. After uninstalling a few applications, normal internet operation should return.

On tv

A working way to fix the error on a TV with a pre-installed Wi-Fi module:

  1. Open the menu and go to the “Wireless (general)” section.
  2. Next, section “IP Settings” and set the “Manual” option.
  3. In the line with DNS, insert the IP address, and in the additional line –

Important! The item names may differ on different TVs. In any case, you need to go to the network settings section, and then – DNS.

Configuring antivirus and firewall

Do not discount the failure of security programs. They can regard the site as malicious and block access to it. Rarely, but access to the network from the entire browser is blocked, this is due to a dangerous extension. First you should check, is it antivirus or firewall? The easiest way to test the connection is to temporarily disable the security controls. After making sure that they are the problem, you should add the site and browser to the exceptions.

Restarting the DNS Client service

Windows allows the user to manually disable and enable the DNS Client service. A forced restart can often resolve the issue.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Launch the console by right-clicking on “Start”.
  2. Insert command to stop service – net stop dnscache and apply it.
  3. Re-enable the service net start dnscache

How to avoid this error in the future?

Only two actions are sufficient prevention so that this error does not appear again, at least through the fault of the user:

  1. Scan the system for viruses every week.
  2. Indicate the first DNS server is the one provided by the provider, and the second – any public DNS. The most popular is Google DNS, but it’s far from the only one.


Here are some time-tested bug fixes that have proven to be effective. Usually, with their help, it is possible to return normal access to sites not only on Windows of different versions, but also in smartphones, Android TVs.

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