• May 22, 2024

for the first time you can take imba with a discount

What deserves attention and is it worth merging Super Hellcat now?

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we are looking at new offers from Trade-in, whether something interesting and useful has appeared this year.
The promotion will run from January 14, 9:00 (GMT) to February 3, 9:00 (GMT).

New technique for sharing

The list of tanks available for purchase has not expanded too much. The German heavy tank VK 168.01 (P) and the French light tank ELC EVEN 90 have been added. However, they were recently introduced in the in-game store. “Yolka” is an interesting option, but many already bought it last month in the offers of the New Year’s calendar. Also available in stock is the T26E5, which is also commercially available and with a unique style available in the Boom Store.

The list of equipment available for delivery has significantly increased:

  • Bretagne Panther French CT from Christmas boxes.
  • The IS-2M is another premium tank, which has become an analogue of the pumped one.
  • Super Hellcat gift in 2019 under the terms of the veteran program.
  • Object 703 Variant II is the main imba among new tanks, the most coveted unit from the New Year’s boxes (I doubt that there will be those willing to hand it over).
  • The Schwarzpanzer 58 is a new addition to the brotherhood of “black” tanks, most likely to be included in the list of vehicles on the Black Market in 2020.
  • M48A2 Räumpanzer is the same German CT with a dump (bucket).
  • E 75 TS German TT from Christmas boxes.
  • M54 Renegade TT USA for the last marathon in 2019.
  • Turtle Mk. I tank destroyer focused on European players, but also found fans among our domestic ones.
  • Strv 81 is a Swedish CT exclusive to the Twitch Prime package.

Exchange regulations

The technique that you decide to pass is taken at half of its cost, rounded up. Please note that the price of tanks may be affected by the promotions / discounts held at this point in the game.

How to exchange equipment

An example of a phased exchange.

In-game store

Research tree

What suggestions deserve attention?

We have highlighted a technique for you that is now well played in randomness and, most importantly, it can farm (what else is needed from a premier tank?).

6 level

7 level

Level 8

And here is the most interesting offer that can be taken with a good discount. The Super Hellcat exchange, which, to put it mildly, although it has an unusual style, is significantly inferior in performance to most one-tier tank destroyers. And we propose to take instead of him the very imby firefly for passive reconnaissance ELC EVEN 90.

This LT can perform most of the LBZ, because it has the best stealth among classmates, and a low silhouette will allow you to use even the lowest bushes for camouflage.

How to use disguise correctly in WoT.

For the first time, this tank can be taken for such a low cost in gold, even for the period of the New Year’s calendar it was sold for 6500, and now it can be taken for 4850 if you give away the free gift tank that you got for free (after all, many rolled it only for a test of a couple of battles or did not roll out at all ). Moreover, players who bought New Year’s boxes have accumulated a certain amount of gold, which can now be profitably invested in equipment. So if you don’t collect tanks so that they gather dust in the Hangar, then this is now one of the most interesting exchange options.

Take part in the survey, write your ideas for sharing in the comments!


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