• September 24, 2023

Foul play in the Battle of bloggers and player bans

What tricks do they resort to for the sake of faster pumping and gaining points of the overall progression. Here’s why Wargaming began to ban players.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we are summing up the results of the first two days “Battles of bloggers” in World of Tanks.

LeBwa is still leading by a large margin, but there is a tense confrontation between 2-4 places, positions have repeatedly changed throughout the day, depending on the successful (but not all) use Blogger skill

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. At first, many were surprised when some players on the very first day of the event, by the evening, were already able to take level 30 of personal progress.

And then, gradually, the facts of scam began to come out:

    1. Points are awarded for any outcome of the battle, so some players with a stock of level 10 vehicles simply at the beginning of the battle they went out, leaving the team in the minority… And they immediately launched the search into the next battle. Thus, by leaping in a circle (and sometimes the team dragged fights + such drivers were observed among all audiences of bloggers), it was possible to quickly farm points, and sometimes in a different amount, depending on the activated skills.
    2. Some of the players still bothered to be active and went to the edge of the map… Thus, they partially protected themselves from the ban and even in some cases saved silver on repairs / shells, unlike the afkshniks at the base.
    3. Another chip added “Self-flooding”, when the same number of points was given for any outcome of the battle. Having been suicidal, the players quickly changed to another technique and repeated everything during the duration of the skill “Tactical tricks”

How do you feel about this method? Expectations from the fight are a little spoiled, but this method directly corresponds to the name of the skill – is it trick?

One way or another, from the second day of the “Battle of Bloggers” Wargaming began to take measures against unscrupulous players. A ban arrives for 3 days (so far the number of banned players has not been announced).

Courtesy of WOT Express

Below is an excerpt from the rules of the game in the “Battle of Bloggers” mode:

So far, social media is actively discussing such scoring measures for team and personal progression. Some condemn such methods, calling them dishonest, while others justify them with the mechanics of skill action. The second issue that is often discussed is the numerical advantage that allows you to earn more points.

Take part in the survey, write comments, what do you think about the current situation in the “Battle of Bloggers”?

Voting Battle of bloggers

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Protanki – Yusha



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