• December 5, 2023

Freebie for WoT from Twitch Prime in 2020: what’s next?

Prem tanks, gold, unique commanders, styles and many other gifts for players are available to World of Tanks players!

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we have great news for freebie lovers – Wargaming have already announced the continuation of cooperation with Amazon, which means that players will have even more interesting offers this year.

For those who are not yet aware or simply were not interested in the details of the action Twitch Prime Live, then we will briefly tell you. Wargaming, represented by its brainchild World of Tanks, has entered into an agreement with Amazon, which provides Prime with a subscription to the Twitch video streaming service. Such a subscription allows the player to receive various awards and cool buns for games (We will tell you more about the WTO below).

The official subscription price is $ 3 for the first six months, and then it will increase to $ 6. Taking into account the current exchange rate of the ruble, the amount is slightly less than a month of a tank premium account.

However, our craftsmen have long learned to register the left accounts with Twitch Prime connected and sell them at the same time for 100 rubles… At the same time, there is no hassle with registration, binding a bank card (Amazon has many restrictions, not all cards are suitable) and automatic debiting of funds every month.

Therefore, almost all players prefer the cheaper and easier way – buy an account with Twitch Prime and get all the gifts in 5 minutes.

Twitch Prime sets for World of Tanks are released monthly, a detailed description and how to get can always be found on our website in the Twitch Prime section.

Now let’s take a closer look at the awards. First of all it is premium technology for rent for 14 days with a subsequent discount of 15% to 30% on its purchase. At the same time, at the official WoT store or tanks were sold for rent for 250 rubles for 7 days. You can also rent a tank for the Front Line for 800 gold for a week in the game. So, as we can see, only in the first paragraph, the cost of the Twitch Prime package already pays for itself.

Secondly, most of the sets include not only tanks with a crew, but also a unique commander with 3 skills… Moreover, some can be recruited for any nation, and this greatly simplifies the pumping of new equipment, since there will immediately be a “lamp”.

Third, each set contains combat missions for x5 experience, which allows you to research any technique much faster. Admit it, after all, everyone had a tank in the Garage, the battles on which did not bring pleasure, but only wanted to pass it as soon as possible and forget?

An interesting, but already rarer addition to the sets is all season style… It can be installed on any vehicle and rearranged free of charge (also important to increase invisibility on walk-through vehicles).

In addition, there are unique and national emblems, decals and other types customization… Sometimes they give days of premium account and improved consumables. Each set includes a number of combat missions, for the completion of which they give reserves, unique and national fragments of blueprints, and various other goodies.

It is also worth highlighting the rental premium tank King Tiger (captured), which is leased for 25-30 days (i.e. until the end of the package). He comes with a unique historical style and specially for the “Battle Pass” he has increased the limit of the progression points available for earning.Finally, note that with the official connection of Twitch Prime, there is no way to get past packs, but you can again buy an account that will add all the rewards of previous Twitch packages to your WTO game profile

Should you buy a Twitch Prime account? In financial terms, it completely pays for itself and in addition there is a lot of freebies, which simplifies life in the World of Tanks random house. The new sets promise to be more relevant due to the upcoming changes in the game. After all, Balance 3.0 was canceled only partially, and with new changes it will soon return to the “Sandbox”. At least we are still awaiting a revision of the equipment and an updated crew 2.0. In addition, many new premium tanks have been released over the past year, which means even more options for vehicles for rent.

You can check out the latest set of “Battle Pass” from Twitch Prime now, there will also be descriptions of past packs.

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