• February 20, 2024

from startup failures to lags

Chivalry 2 is a hack-n-slash game about the middle ages that was released on the console and has a cross-platform. As often happens, the developers overlooked something in the code, because of which problems began to appear, especially for users of the PC version of the game. They often report audio problems (stuttering, extraneous noise, or no audio), startup problems, or a black screen at one of the stages. We have compiled a list of common Chivalry 2 breakdowns and offer solutions to them.

How to fix Chivalry 2 bugs and issues?

A multiplayer hack and slash fighting game with a low budget for a creative team is doomed to some mistakes. Basically, they are traditional for most computer games, users either cannot run Chivalry 2, or complain about the soundtrack, or experience lags. Given that the gameplay is quite complex, you need to get rid of everything that gets in the way, otherwise constant deaths will be disappointing.

Chivalry 2 won’t start or crashes

The very first and very common problem. The first step is to make sure that the computer meets the minimum requirements of the game, otherwise further reasoning about crashes is meaningless. Most likely, the PC should pull Chivalry 2, because it is not very demanding on resources. After making sure of this, we go further.

What to do:

  • Turn off all in-game overlays, in particular Steam and GeForce Experience.
  • We update the graphics adapter or reinstall it.
  • We cancel the overclocking of the processor and GPU. To begin with, you can at least reduce the frequency by 100-200 MHz, perhaps this will be enough.
  • We put a limit on the FPS level at 30 or 60 fps. This can be done in the NVIDIA Control Panel for a specific game.
  • Disable anti-virus protection.
  • We update Microsoft Visual C ++ for our operating system.

Chivalry 2 has a black screen

After clicking on the game icon, it starts, but freezes on a black screen, while the sound can continue to go, stop or loop, make unpleasant noises, etc.

Actions to help:

  • Press Alt + Enter to switch the game to windowed mode. Often the picture is restored in it, all that remains is to select the graphics settings that work more stably.
  • Reinstall Chivalry 2 with antivirus turned off.
  • Delete the LocalShaderCache file in the game folder.
  • Delete the Config folder. At the time of launch, the game will generate its default configs, which should work better.
  • We are abandoning the beta version. This can be done in the “Properties” of the game in your app store.
  • Deactivate image scaling. This can be done in the properties of the game exe-file on the Compatibility tab. Set the flag next to “Disable image scaling”.

Chivalry 2

Sound problems: no sound, crackling or freezing

They can be related to the hardware or system setup, or to the game itself. The following solutions most often work:

  • We adjust the volume. Yes, in the system it can be maximum, but for the game it is turned off. To change this, you need to right-click on the speaker image in the lower right corner and go to the “Volume Mixer”. Raise the volume for Chivalry 2 and check that the mute button is not active at the bottom.
  • Disable in-game vertical sync. It’s easy to do this in Program Preferences in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Chivalry 2 crash fix

Chivalry 2 lags and freezes

The most obvious cause of the problem is the computer is weak or heavily loaded with other processes. By freeing up more resources, you will be able to get more fps. Disabling antivirus protection is especially helpful. If this particular game lags, otherwise everything is fine, you should try to make the following changes through the NVIDIA Control Panel:

  • Anti-aliasing FXAA – disable;
  • Anti-aliasing Gamma correction – disable;
  • CUDA – GPUs – Everything;
  • Low Latency Mode – Ultra
  • Power management mode – Maximum performance mode preferred;
  • Shader caching – enable (only for HDD, do not enable on SSD);
  • Texture filtering – high performance;
  • Triple buffering – disable;
  • Vertical sync pulse – use 3D application setting.

Chivalry 2 crash fix

This is all that can help fix Chivalry 2 bugs and problems. Among them are the game crashes, sound problems, black screen and more.

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