• December 5, 2023

Games with a New Year’s atmosphere [топ-10]

Top 10 New Year games

It’s nice when the New Year’s mood on the eve of the holidays surrounds absolutely everywhere. Games as a hobby of many people support this trend. Often, developers create separate holiday events with care for the gaming community, and in some, the atmosphere of winter and the holiday is worked out so much that it involuntarily affects the feeling of approaching magic.

Yakuza 5

The plot of the game is divided into five parts, each of which will play for 5 characters. The stories are so different that no connection is made until the very end. The game is replete with dialogue, fights and immerses us in Japanese crime culture.Yakuza 5 santa

Many missions take place in snowy locations. In one of them the main character dressed up in a santa costume to punish the villains who decided to leave children without gifts.


An open-world game about a young boy named Jimmy Hopkins. This troubled teenager goes to study at Bullworth Academy in England. From this moment begins his formation as a person and a rebel. Passing the story and missions, the character increases his level, authority among his peers, earns money and learns subjects.


In the third story part of the game, winter comes, with various Christmas and New Year quests. Getting acquainted with a tipsy Santa, you have to complete the task of throwing snowballs at annoying children. After that, the same fictional character instructs to deal with the competitor “Imposter Santa”, armed with a bat, we crush him and break the accompanying scenery.

In the boarding school itself, one of the teachers will dress Jimmy as a jester and make him play the xylophone in a school production. Varieties of children’s fun are organically woven into the storyline.

Dead Rising 4

An action-adventure in which you have to mercilessly destroy huge armies of zombies with unimaginable methods and weapons. The character of the series, Frank West, is tricked into the town of Willamette, where he has previously had to deal with the armies of the risen dead. This time it arrival coincides with the New Year celebrations and Black Friday.

Dead Rising 4 Winter

Fighting in a festively chicly decorated shopping center against crowds of zombie elves and zombie santa, juicy destruction with a Christmas tree or a box with gifts in both hands. In the final location, you will have to fight with the Sadist-Klaus and all this under a dynamic Christmas soundtrack.

By taking into account all the details of the holiday in the game settingthe dive is just fantastic and exciting. I don’t want to stop destroying these New Year’s decorated freaks.

Borderlands 2: How Markus Saved the Mercenary’s Day

With this name, the plot addition to the game Borderlands 2 was released in December 2017. Narrates how Murkus Kincaid (merchant) sends the protagonist to the city of Imberton in search of a batch of weapons, which he sent there, but did not receive a response from the townspeople. The plot plunges into a snowy fairy-tale world with many enemies, complementing the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year with Easter eggs from films and books.sends the main character to the city of Imberton in search of a shipment of weapons that he sent there

Along the way, you will have to fight evil yetis, snowmen, snow goliaths and snow psychos. It turns out that the whole city is frozen and it needs to be warmed up by a stove, coal for which you still need to look for and always with a fight. Along the way, discovering and rescuing the same train with weapons.

In the final, you have to defeat the main huge snowman, who created this frosty outrage. The level is replete with various loot, especially at its end. Pleasant, conducive to the passage of DLC from the developer company Gearbox, as a sign of respect for the audience of the game.

Killing Floor 2: Twisted Christmas and Krampus Christmas

Mega corporation made a mistake while working with the virus, which led to the generation of mutants. In this co-op shooter, the protagonist and a few other survivors take center stage in bouncy heavy metal as they send as many evil creatures to the next world as possible.Killing Floor 2

A seasonal event that dresses up opponents in New Year’s costumes and generates new ones on a snowy map. There are snowmen, elves, incomprehensible creatures consisting of gift boxes.

HITMAN: Holiday Rakers

HITMAN: Holiday Hoarders

The famous series of games about a hired killer with the ability to transform into various costumes and destroy enemies with invisible kills. In additional from a mission in New Year’s Paris Agent 47 has to eliminate two individuals who are at a young designer’s fashion show and are planning to steal gifts.

Along the way, you can get to the gifts and use their contents to eliminate enemies.

One of the targets is in the basement of the mansion and is tasting wine, a good solution would be to eliminate him with a Christmas tree toy in the form of a star, which was found in gifts at the entrance to the house. The second bandit is on duty on the balcony, in the hall where the fashion show is taking place, throwing a festive shovel from gifts will be the correct and silent elimination.

Defeating the thieves does not complete the mission, the true goal intended by the developers catch and destroy the real Santa Claus. In a room with a fireplace and a Christmas tree in the corner, you have to hide and wait for him to appear. After the elimination, gifts (an ax and a mount) stylized as a holiday fall out, and the character puts on the costume of the liquidated enemy. In such a festive costume, you can do anything.

Saints Row 4: How the Saints Save Christmas

The team of the so-called “Saints” in the fourth part of the game, is fighting an alien invasion. The enslaved population of the game world is placed in capsules where they are mind controlled and their mind wanders around a virtual image of the city in the simulation. The protagonist moves between the two worlds and corrects the situation in the course of the story. As a result, the city will have to be conquered again, according to new rules.Saints Row 4: How the Saints Save Christmas

Downloadable holiday content puts players in yet another simulation where Clouse includes the entire universe on a list of pranksters (like with children), he must be freed from the captivity of the main villain, otherwise he will never be good and the Spirit of Christmas will not appear.

In the new world no real weaponsyou will have to use what is at hand when performing tasks:

  • from the wind gun we destroy the gingerbread men;
  • ringing the bells in the park;
  • find a movie projector that showed the classics of cinema;
  • act as a conductor of electricity on a building with a clock where lightning strikes;
  • destroy Klaus at the north pole.


Extreme winter sports simulator with a stunning effect of presence. Available: suit wing; snowboard; skis; parachute. Exploring the mountain peaks, ski bases open with new challenges. There are two types of them: for speed and competition with other players. The game saves the descent route, you can include various repetitions from different angles, for a visual assessment of your own achievements and the world around you.Steep

You can enjoy the beauty of the game endlessly the most amazing snowfound in video games. Snowdrifts are like real ones, it is very difficult to walk in the snow, you naturally drown in it, its density is recreated naturally.

Batman Arkham City

The events of the second part of the game take place a year after the first. All this will fall out just for Christmas Eve. In complete ignorance of the ordinary citizens of Gotham who are preparing for the holidays, Batman is fighting a huge list of criminals. Maintaining a balance between good and evil, he confronts an entire area of ​​the city, which is given over to the creation of a maximum security prison.

Batman Arkham City

To gain the upper hand and not to let the residents spoil the celebration of Christmas is the main task. The festive decoration of the city, along with snow-covered streets, allows you to capture the Christmas mood in the game world.

Mafia II

a story about a young guy Vito Scaleta, who grew up in a poor family from childhood, went to the army as an adult and returned home to America after serving. Finding himself in a deplorable financial situation, he joins the mafia circles and gradually grows in a criminal family.Mafia II winter

Much of what is happening takes us into well-researched and detailed winter: snowdrifts, constantly falling snow, slippery road surface, frozen layer on cars. In this game, the atmosphere really immerses the player in his world, forcing him to feel every detail.

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