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Geralt’s fighting style and its main features

Without his swords, Geralt will never be the Witcher everyone loves so much. The White Wolf perfectly knows how to “wave” the blade, which was emphasized in the books of Pan Sapkowski, and in the CD Project Red trilogy, and in the Netflix series.

The Witcher 3: 10 Secrets Of Geralt's Fighting Style

But no matter how the battle scenes in The Witcher 3 attract attention, it is difficult to notice all the features of the witcher’s fighting style during the first playthrough. Let’s walk through the main points that a player should know in order to better understand their favorite RPG hero.

Attention! Possible spoilers for books, games, and TV shows.

Distracting maneuvers

Blade Blade and Marks Combination

Many have noticed that Geralt often holds a sword, the handle of which is clearly sharpened for two hands, one, and the other only intercepts when swinging. From the point of view of strength – no questions, because he is not human and Trial of Herbs nobody canceled.

In addition, this frees up a second hand for Geralt, which he can use. to create signs or throw bombs, while the enemy’s attention is focused on the sword. An excellent fighting technique that allows you to carry out distracting maneuvers or add damage to especially strong opponents.


The Witcher 3 finishing move

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt finishing off enemies became especially brutal… Severed heads and limbs, monsters chopped into halves. It looks more realistic and lively than the old system that was present in the previous 2 parts.

But, if you think about it, then for this behavior of Geralt, you can find a better justification than the updated graphics and the desire of the developers to make the murders more spectacular. With his cruelty the witcher instills fear in the remaining opponents. They are reluctant to attack, noticeably recoil from the hero after the bloody scene.

Two swords, but one style

In the first part, the styles of the swords were different.

A detail that is not very difficult to see. In “Wild Hunt”, in battles with people and monsters, Geralt uses the same fighting style.

You can blame this on the flaws of the CD Project, or you can try to explain it by the fact that Geralt sees no reason to fight “unarmed” monsters other than with warriors armed to the teeth. After all, the sword continues to cut the flesh of enemies regardless of whether people or not.

Geralt’s main sword in the books is iron

Geralt's main sword in the books is iron

And this is a secret only for those who have not read Sapkowski’s books. In them, Geralt explains that the famous “Silver – against monsters, steel – against people “ – an idle delusion. The choice of a blade by the witcher depends only on which metal is better for a particular creature.

Geralt often carries an iron sword with him, using a silver one only on occasion. Yes, and he has iron core, in view of the intricacies of silver processing.

Artistic and effective


Scrolls and all kinds of spectacular “pirouettes” sword – this is what immediately catches the eye if you watch Geralt in battle. This is due not only to the transitions from attack to defense, but also to the technique that Geralt prefers.

The witcher likes to be unpredictable and such an active movement of the blade here clearly plays into his hands, not allowing the enemies to figure out which side to expect the blow from.

Constant movement

Pay attention to the legs

During the battle, Geralt is constantly on the move. The final word here remains with the player, but The Witcher 3 clearly encourages those of them who actively moves and uses dodges… Plus, if you pay attention to Geralt’s legs, then both in the combat episodes and in the cutscenes where there are battles, it is noticeable that they rarely stay in the same position for a long time.

Mentions of the witcher’s commitment to active movement in battle can be found in the book cycle. Geralt is familiar to skirmishes to groups of enemies and monsters who will not stand in one place for a long time… So freezing in a defensive position is not the best option for a guy from Rivia.

Confuse monsters

Fight with the monster

Returning to all kinds of “pirouettes” of Geralt’s blade, I would like to note that in battles with monsters, this may have another justification. Reflections of light reflected from swords distract critters… In monsters their animal instincts will prevail, they are lost.

In “The Last Wish” this trick of the witcher is even spoken of directly.

Three styles


For anyone familiar with the gaming universe, this is not news. Even in training, Lambert helps Geralt deal with three witcher styles, at the same time introducing the player to them.
  • First style – power, Lambert calls him “Temerian devil”… He is good against armored opponents and especially powerful monsters.
  • Fast style, or “Fire dancer”, saves in a collision with a nimble opponent.
  • Finally, group style, also called style “Nine Solar Swords”, effective against multiple enemies.

Inhuman possibilities

Inhuman possibilities

Do not forget that physically Geralt is different from ordinary people. Its strength and speed are much higher, which could not but affect the combat technique, first of all – with monsters or several enemies at once. Plus, accelerated regeneration, which allows you to withstand blows that can send even a trained soldier to the forefathers.

Few of ordinary mortals are able to cut a person in two at one blow – for the witcher, this is not difficult. Yes, Geralt’s fighting style is based on experience and skill, but a lot of it is tied to his superhuman capabilities.

Eastern influence

The same grip that confused some

Big-eyed viewers of the Netflix series could not miss such an interesting moment as the grip for the blade, used by Geralt in a fight with bandits in Blavikene

Italian longsword expert, Gregory Mele, in an interview, claims that such a grip is not typical for European fencing and was probably spied on by the directors of combat scenes in Japanese films of the 80s or in anime.

However, a swordsman of the 15th century, Hans Talhoffer, who created one of the most famous treatises on the use of the sword, would argue with Mele. Like many authors of medieval engravings, in which you can find an image of a grip, similar to that used by Geralt. The technique that bears the name “Half-sword” – this is by no means an invention. It was often used, for example, when it was necessary to hit the enemy with the handle. As for the safety of hands with such a grip – the blades were not sharpened along their entire length.

One can argue about the historicity of Geralt’s technique for a long time, but this scene should not raise questions.

For those who want to know more about the gray-haired witcher, we recommend reading about the sequel to The Witcher 3: the wedding of Geralt and Yennefer, as well as other adventures. Well, for those who know everything about this universe, it will not be superfluous to find out with whom from the third part of the gaming saga it is worth starting an affair, based on your zodiac sign?

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