• February 22, 2024

Greedfall First Boss: Tips for Winning

Before sailing to the island of Tir Fradi, you will learn about the basic mechanics of the game. To do this, you will have to go through several main and additional tasks in Serena – the character’s hometown. At the end of the passage you will have to fight a dangerous enemy.

A fight with a monster is the final stage of a long quest. Going down to the docks with Captain Vasco, you will see a huge monster escaped from another ship. The first boss fight is always the most difficult, although in the future you will have to constantly fight with such opponents. The tactics of the battle vary depending on the selected class, but some points remain general.

On the normal level of difficulty, it is enough for the monster to make three powerful blows to destroy the main character. If he manages to stun you, then you will not even have time to wake up before the next blow. Therefore, before starting the battle, be sure to study the set of attacks for the boss and aim at him by clicking the mouse wheel.

To dodge to the side, you need to press Shift. This will have to be done every time the monster throws fragments. If you don’t fix the camera on the boss or you don’t have time to do it, then you will definitely be in trouble. If possible, keep your distance from the monster using ranged weapons. Use magic potions to replenish mana, if you use magic, of course.

If your character specializes in melee, then defeating the boss will be much more difficult. First of all, patience will come in handy, because you have to wait and not attack the monster immediately before it hits you. This can be understood by how the monster will squat down or jump a little before attacking. Be sure to use the tactical pause menu by clicking on the “Space”.

You don’t have to use slots to use a potion. Press pause and activate them right in the menu. This will help save time on animations.

In general, we can say that your confrontation with any boss comes down to a few nuances. First, be sure to target it – don’t forget about it. Secondly, keep your distance from the monster and carefully watch its attacks. Thirdly, retaliation should be struck during the pause between the boss’s attacks, and then immediately retreat to the side.

The easiest way to go through such battles for magicians, but melee fighters will be able to succeed. For example, you can break the enemy’s shield to inflict more serious damage on him.

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