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Guide to collecting all the resources in Ghost of Tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima, the player has to collect a variety of resources. Some of them are extremely easy to find, while finding others will take a lot of work. As Jin Sakai, you will need to look for:

  • supplies;
  • predator skins;
  • iron;
  • steel;
  • gold;
  • flowers;
  • bamboo;
  • yew;
  • wax wood;
  • canvas;
  • silk;
  • skin.

Yes, the list is long, of course, but worry: in this short guide, we’ll show you where to find all of these resources and what to consider when looking for them.

All resources in Ghost of Tsushima

And what can you do with all of the above resources? Yes, a lot of things. For example, you can improve your equipment, create kunai, firearms shells and much more. Of course, if you don’t really want to bother with additional content and want to quickly go over the main plot, then you do not need to bother with resources. All the same, we strongly recommend collecting them.


Supplies are like the main game currency in Ghost of Tsushima. You will need supplies to improve your katana, armor and various bows. However, the supplies will not be so useful to you if you focus on the path of the trapper, who mainly deals only with projectiles and firearms.

Supplies can be found in the game world, either received for killing opponents, or exchanged for other resources from hunters, i.e. merchants. It is worth noting that for kills you will receive the least amount of supplies, and therefore it is definitely not worth farming in this direction. The best way to get supplies is to search for them in the open world of the game, having enlisted the Inari Charm, which increases the number of collected supplies.

It is most profitable for the trapper to give iron or steel for supplies, but it is better to do this only after you have completely improved your weapons. In addition, do not forget about the altars, near which the inhabitants of Tsushima leave supplies as offerings to you, however, they will begin to do this only after completing the stories of the ancient heroes.

Predatory animal skins

Predator pelts are the rarest resources in Ghost of Tsushima. As the name implies, to obtain this resource, you need to skin various predatory animals, for example, bears, wild boars and Mongolian dogs. Again, you can increase the amount of skins you receive with the help of Inari’s amulet.

Iron, steel and gold

Iron is used to improve the armament of the protagonist. In order to get iron, head to the lands of the Mongol invaders, which will be marked in red on the main map. Chests containing supplies and iron can be found in small Mongol camps. In large Mongolian settlements, you can even find gold, which you will need for higher-level equipment upgrades. In addition, do not forget to often look into different tents, warehouses and territories already cleared of Mongols, because there you can find valuable supplies, iron and steel.

And how, in fact, to find these Mongolian territories? To get the corresponding mark on the map, you need to talk to the NPCs, who will have a dialogue cloud over their heads, in some refugee camp or Japanese settlement. You can also find out information about such territories from the captives of the Mongols in random places in the open world. The main thing is not to forget to talk to the prisoner when you deal with the Mongols.


Flowers in Ghost of Tsushima can be found everywhere. That’s why they are flowers. You will need this resource mainly to improve your armor and weapons. Among other things, flowers will be useful to you at the paint dealers. But where is it better to look for flowers? Most often they grow near rivers and lakes located close to all kinds of settlements. With the Traveler’s armor at your disposal, select a wind flow filter on the map to display the flowers on the map.

Bamboo, yew and wax wood

Bamboo and yew, logically, can be found in forests. Everything is extremely simple here: we go into the forest and get the wood we need. But with wax wood, minor problems can arise. The fact is that such a tree can only be obtained in sanctuaries with special marks. Be sure to search the top of the sanctuary thoroughly, as extra wood can be found there!

Linen, silk and leather

Cloth, silk and leather are required only for those players who are going to maximize their armor. Better sell these resources to the trapper to get valuable supplies in return. But if you still need them, then just follow the short stories of Tsushima Island. It will be full of caches containing these resources.

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