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Guide to find all the tutorials in The Last of Us 2

During the passage of The Last of Us 2, you can here and there stumble upon the so-called “tutorials” – books and magazines that allow you to access new skills for Ellie and Abby. To acquire skills, you will need to use supplements – pills and capsules (often located near shells), which are scattered throughout the game world. There are eight tutorials to be found in The Last of Us 2 – and we’ll show you where to find them all!

About pre-orders

If you pre-ordered The Last of Us Part 2, you have the option to activate the pre-order bonus when you start a new game (or when you select a new chapter). What does this bonus do? Well, Ellie gets a slightly larger clip for her cannon and a crafting tutorial, i.e. creating items.

By the way, regarding this guide: if you already have it at the very beginning of the game, then you will not find it in the place that we will talk about later in the article. Instead of a manual, there will be … nothing. Simply put, if you already have this crafting guide, then you can ignore the relevant paragraph below.

Manufacturing Tutorial

Seattle. The first day. Downtown (Ellie)

After doing a little research, it became clear to us that this guide can be found in two locations in the game (only if you do not have a pre-order bonus). The first location is the court, the second is the overpass. We’ll take a look at both of these locations.

Location # 1: Court

Enter the courthouse at 6th Avenue and Madison Street. On the lower floor, by the way, you will go through a room where you can find a couple of collectibles and a combination from the safe. Check the bookshelf in the safe room to find a book called PREP: A Survival Guide for the Silent Majority by Todd Garrett. With this guide and 20 additives you will give yourself access to the creation of melee weapon modifications.

Location number 2: Overpass

At the northernmost point of downtown Seattle, northeast of the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Marion Street, by a collapsed flyover. Drive over the overpass with the truck standing across. Jump over it and go to the destroyed part of the road where there is a fire truck. You will find a rope near the fire engine – use it to go down. While still on the rope, swing and jump over to the fallen piece of the road on which the truck lies. There will be a manual and some supplies inside the truck.

Stealth Tutorial

Seattle. The first day. Capitol Hill (Ellie)

When you escape Eastbrook Elementary School, you will head to an area of ​​Seattle such as Capitol Hill (or Capitol Hill). After exploring the territory and skirmishes, you will arrive at a gas station (there is still a workbench), where there will be Wolves and several infected.

Opposite the gas station there will be a bookstore and a small coffee shop. The stealth tutorial, Last Round: The Survivalist Magazine, will be in the bookstore next to a typewriter by the front window. If you pre-ordered The Last of Us 2, you won’t have anything in this place.

Precision Shooting Tutorial

Seattle. Second day. Hillcrest (Ellie)

Walking up Hillcrest behind Tommy, you will pass through a bike shop with a workbench. Across the street in front of this store is the Goldstar Liquor shop. Go to this store, turn left from the ticket office and go down to the basement of the building. Next, use the stairs to go up to the nursery (?) On the second floor.

The precision shooting tutorial, “Outdoor Sportsman”, will be on the floor near the checkout counter. It will open the precision thread for you. The first skill in this branch, increasing stability while aiming, will cost you 30 supplements

Explosives Training Guide

Seattle. Second day. Seraphites (Ellie)

As you walk through the seraphite part on your second day in Seattle, you stumble upon an apartment building. There are some collectibles to be found there, including a safe and a workbench. After reaching the workbench, find the bedroom in the apartment. On the bed in the bedroom will be Organic Chemistry: Concepts & Practice, an explosives training manual. Per 20 additives you can acquire the skill that allows you to create explosive arrows.

Covert Operations Training Guide

Seattle. The first day. Hiking (Abby)

Playing as Abby, you will reach the warehouse, inside which there will be a boat. After you try (the keyword is try) to open the gate, you will gain access to the door on the second floor. Go to the room behind this door to find the stairs. Do not climb the ladder, but use it to get to the boat. You will get a kind of bridge. The David Versus Goliath, a covert operations training manual, will be in the boat. Per 20 additives you can unlock the sharpening skill.

Melee Tutorial

Seattle. The first day. Enemy Territory (Abby)

After reviewing the game and other guides / videos in detail, it becomes clear that this tutorial can appear in two locations (just like in the case of the stealth guide).

Location # 1: Residential building near “TANG FABRICS”

At the beginning of this level (if you can call it that), you should see a building with the sign “Tang Fabrics & Imports”. Before entering this building, search the surrounding area and climb into the broken window of the nearest residential building. Explore the apartment thoroughly to find Urban Warrior: Close-Quarters Combat Training for Civilians, a close combat training manual, on the kitchen counter.

Location number 2: Bakery “Jasmine”

On your way to the aquarium, you will stumble across several shops and restaurants. To access this guide, you need to open the safe at Jasmine Bakery.

The combination for the safe can be found in the note in the nearby Ruby Dragon Restaurant (hint: 68-96-89). Open the safe and take the manual.

Small Arms Training Guide

Seattle. The first day. Forest

As you walk through the woods, one way or another you must stumble upon an auto repair shop. Open the garage door and climb inside. Go to the workshop office space and search the filing cabinet to find “Bring Your Own Bullets: How to Make Your Own Improvised Munitions with Everyday Household Items” – a training manual for small arms. The first skill that you can unlock in the firearms tree is crafting incendiary ammo. This skill will cost you 20 additives

Weapon Training Manual

The latest tutorial can be found during Day One in Seattle as Abby. Continuing towards the coast, you come across a steamer that has landed in shallow water. You will need to get on the steamer. On the second floor (deck?) You will find a note about the riot that happened, and in it – a combination from the safe, which is located nearby. On the stairs to the upper deck, immediately turn left. Use the 90-77-01 combo to open the safe and get the book “Improvised Weapons and Terrorist Tactics: A Field Guide” from there. This guide will open access to the weapons branch, the first skill of which will allow you to craft various items faster. The Fast Crafting skill will cost you 20 additives

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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