• February 21, 2024

Guide to solving error SU-41350-3 on PlayStation 4

Error SU-41350-3 appears on PlayStation 4 only in the flashing section. People write that when they try to install a fresh version of the operating system, the message is displayed: “Update file cannot be found (SU-41350-3)“. There may be several reasons for this: from the most commonplace system ones to hardware ones. Now we will list everything that you need to focus on.

How to fix error SU-41350-3?

There are several points where an error will result in the error code SU-41350-3:

  • Wrong firmware version loaded… On the official Sony website (here link) 2 files are available: “PS4 System Software Update File” and “PS4 System Software Reinstallation File”. Often it is the first file that does not work, the second option will carry out a full flashing. The full file usually weighs about 900 MB, while the stripped-down file is 400-500 MB.
  • Incorrect file location… On the USB flash drive, you must create a PS4 folder, and put the UPDATE folder in it, and only put the file there. This is what the full path should look like – PS4 UPDATE PS4UPDATE.PUP.
  • Inappropriate formatting of the drive… The PlayStation 4 requires the flash drive to be formatted to FAT32, NTFS will not work here.
  • A flash drive or hard drive is out of order… If everything was done according to the instructions, but the error still appears. It is worth trying with a different stick. Provided that this does not work, 99% – the hard drive has broken. You can try to restore it, but it’s better to connect another one and check. Most likely, this way you will make sure that the matter is really in the drive, and you will just have to buy a 1-2 TB HDD.

You don’t need to know anything else important about the SU-41350-3. It is enough to check that everything was done correctly on the PlayStation 4 and, if so, the problem is in the drive. It’s just time to buy a new hard drive.

Please write down in the comments which of the methods helped you and whether they worked at all. Your progress report will definitely help someone.

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