• February 20, 2024

Guide to the severity of crimes in Red Dead Redemption 2

After each crime reported to the sheriff, the character’s head bounty increases. The message spreads throughout the Wild West. As soon as a certain amount is reached, certain sanctions begin to apply. At first, all functions are available and the sheriff is neutral. Then he begins to ask to leave the city in order to avoid problems. With a high bounty for the head, the sheriff forbids visiting for the head.

If the amount is really large and there are serious offenses among the crimes, bounty hunters begin to appear. It is not so easy to get rid of them, as they have a high level and appear all over the map. If the crimes are not serious, hunters can only deliver them to the city, after the arrest the fine will disappear. If there are attempts or murder of law enforcement officers, the player is supposed to be shot on the spot. An open fight can only be avoided in stealth mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a clear bounty increase system. Usually, the amount of the award increases by $ 5-15, but for especially serious crimes – $ 25-50.

What crimes cost how much?

The sheriff has his own price list. It describes the amount and severity of the crime. The information leaked to the network and is now available to everyone.

Type of violation Severity Amount, $
Sadism over animals Low five
Killing the characters of the animal world Average five
Desert Arson Low five
Arson in the city Average five
Physical conflicts High five
Deception Low five
Intimidation Average five
Robbery Low five
Rustle Low five
Violation of order Low five
Vandalism Low five
Dissolving hands Low 5-10
Home robberies Average 10
Stealing horses Average 10
Kidnapping High 10
Kidnapping the sheriff High fifteen
Fatal conflict High fifteen
Murder of a law enforcement officer High twenty
Bank robbery High 25
Train robbery High fifty

If you are tired of constantly meeting with bounty hunters, you should pay a fine to the clerk at the railway station. In the absence of money, you can afford to be arrested.

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