• April 22, 2024

hide and seek, new roles, the fifth card

The news about the social mafia so beloved by many is not encouraging. The creators of the game are making vague teasers and announcing content that has long been in the game thanks to fans.

Among Us update 2021

At the Summer Game Fest on 06/10/2021, a major update for Among Us was announced. However, it is rather difficult to call this content copyright. Developers just copied popular custom modifications… No statements about collaboration with modders were made at the conference.

Among Us new mode

Among Us new hide and seek mode

First major addition – new “Hide and Seek” mode. Judging by the video that was shown to fans, functionality is no different from what the mod offered the players. Players will have a limited viewing radius, and the main task will be to find teammates in the dark.

Download the mod for Among Us hide and seek.

New roles in Among Us

New roles in Among Us

The next innovation is additional roles for Among As. The fans loved this modification so much that we wrote a separate article about it. Roles will be added to the game with the update Sheriff (able to kill the Traitor) and Scientist (can check blood type and find an imposter). Perhaps other characters will appear, but nothing has yet been said about them. The modification expanded the game four roles at once: Medic, Officer (Sheriff), Engineer (Scientist) and Joker.

Download the mod for Among Us for new roles.

Skins, map and achievements

Among Us skins

However, there is also some copyright content in the expected updates. First of all, the developers announced a lot of new cosmetic items, with which you can dress up your crew member and make him unique. Of course, all items will be paid.

At the presentation, they promised to introduce soon achievement system… Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known whether it will be just a game element, or together with the achievements of the player will receive some gifts, for example, a new hat for the hero.

Well, the last innovation is next card announcement… They did not say a word about it, they just tame the very fact of its creation. Judging by the fact that even the concepts were not demonstrated, the release of this innovation is worth waiting for. by the end of 2021

Among Us Update Trailer

Unfortunately, Among Us developers are implementing innovations too slowly, and this does not help to maintain interest in the project. In addition, most of their updates are reworked custom mods that everyone has been playing around for a long time. Hopefully the achievement system and the new map can shake up the game.

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