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How can I improve Arthur’s controls in Red Dead Redemption 2?

By default, the controls in Red Dead Redemption 2 are relatively comfortable, but not in all areas. As for the sprint, there are obvious disadvantages. The main one is the need to constantly hold the “X” button. Of course, the long press of a button when you need to travel long distance on foot is very annoying. Soon the finger gets tired, which affects the reaction speed and can lead to death. In truth, you can fix this behavior by setting the sprint activation with one click X. The method was suggested by a forum member Reddit

How do I customize the use of Sprint with One Press X?

It is possible to enable fast movement at the touch of a button. To do this, you have to rummage a little in the settings.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Switch to control Arthur with a third person camera.
  2. Change the type of control “Standard FPS”. After enabling this mode, the sprint button (X on PlayStation and A on Xbox One) switches to the left stick and squat. In this mode, it is much easier to move around with a third-person camera.
  3. Open the Accessibility tab and find the Run Mode option here. You need to change the setting to Run Switch.

Ready! You don’t have to hold X or A all the time anymore, running is activated with one click. To switch from normal running to fast running, you just need to press the X button again. If you press X (A) again during the sprint, Arthur will switch back to normal, slow running. After pressing X again, the character begins to walk calmly. Now, during the movement of the hero, you can give your fingers at least a little rest.

How else can you improve the control of the hero and the camera?

Changing sprint settings is far from the only way to make it easier to manage Arthur in RDR 2.

Useful tips for third-person control

A few simple tricks:

  • Move the mouse cursor over the dead zone (bottom area) while moving. This approach helps to improve the responsiveness of the controls. If, while moving, we consider everything that is around the character, the game may freeze. By pointing the camera down, the game works more stable and gives out more FPS;
  • Set the goal up, which will lead to the acceleration of the goal. The movement of the camera will become more smooth;
  • Increase cursor sensitivity for fast targeting. Immediately you need to adjust the sensitivity of the sight to the most comfortable value. The camera sensitivity should be made a little lower, by 1-2 positions. Most gamers prefer to set the sensitivity a couple of points less from the maximum value. There is no universal solution, it is better to select a comfortable movement speed yourself;
  • Set the correct aiming settings. Most often, the value is set 1 step higher from zero. The appropriate settings have to be set individually, as they depend on the playing style. The Hover Assistant can also slow down the aiming speed of experienced gamers.

How to improve first-person controls?

There are a couple of useful tricks:

  • Set the viewing angle while moving. Tunnel vision is initially installed, but it can be replaced. Thanks to the settings, the view can be expanded almost to a circular view of the territory from all sides;
  • Take the 3rd person view setting and add it to the 1st person. When transferring the settings, you should not forget about the controls for the “Standard FPS”. By changing the camera sensitivity, the mode will become more intuitive.

How to set up indoor camera and improve map utilization?

After going to the “Map” section, it is better to turn off the centering of the camera (regardless of the view in the game). By default, to move the map, you need to press for a long time in one of the sides. As soon as the user releases the button, the camera gradually moves back. If you want to explore the far corner of the map, centering greatly interferes.

As for the advice on exploring closed spaces, it is best to study them with a first-person camera. Why is this the best solution? Arthur begins to move a little faster, which ensures the fastest achievement of the goal. It also increases the hero’s maneuverability. Another mode allows you to quickly respond to dangers, and it just becomes more interesting to explore the premises.

With the help of these tips, the player will be able to improve the experience of managing Arthur in RDR 2. Although there are some inconvenient moments in the basic settings, you can fix them yourself.

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