• December 1, 2023

How do I add or remove rows and columns in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a flexible project collaboration tool. The main action for comfortable reporting is to create new rows or columns. The service allows you to add and remove them on the fly. Details and step-by-step guides are described below.

How do I add rows or columns to Google Sheets?

So that the reader does not get confused, everything is presented in the form of instructions:

  1. Open your favorite browser and go to the main page Google Sheets
  2. Follow the link to any of the available documents where you need to add multiple rows or columns.
  3. Click on the tool from the top panel “Insert”.
  4. Several items of the drop-down menu will be displayed, among which there are options for adding rows and columns. You can insert rows above or below, and a column to the left or right.

Important! If you need to insert several rows or columns at once, you need to select as many cells as you plan to receive new elements. For example, to create 2 columns, you need to select 2 rows horizontally.

The same can be done without using the toolbar, but only using the context menu, which can be easily invoked by right-clicking (RMB). It is enough to select the desired cell or several, press RMB and select “Insert Rows” or “Insert Columns”. By default, Google Sheets inserts rows above and columns to the left of the selection.

Google Sheets also supports a number of keyboard shortcuts for quick action. With their help, you can add rows and columns without taking your hands off the keyboard. To do this, you must first select a cell (navigation can be performed by arrows near the digital block).

For different browsers and operating systems, some keyboard shortcuts are occupied by system commands or actions in the web browser. This complexity leads to the fact that the combinations of buttons do not always lead to the desired result. However, exceptions are rare.

Basic commands for pasting in Windows:

  • Alt + I, then R – insert lines above;
  • Alt + I, then W – add lines below;
  • Alt + I, then С – adding columns to the left;
  • Alt + I, then O – create columns on the right.

In MacOS, the combinations are slightly different, so they will have to be described separately:

  • Ctrl + Option + I, then R – insert the lines above;
  • Ctrl + Option + I, then W – add lines below;
  • Ctrl + Option + I, then С – adding columns to the left;
  • Ctrl + Option + I, then O – Create columns on the right.

How do I remove rows or columns in Google Sheets?

The meaning of the actions is similar, but the instructions are slightly different:

  1. Open Google Sheets, in which you need to edit the data by deleting columns or rows.
  2. Select the required block or one cell in the place to be uninstalled.
  3. Right-click and select the Delete Row or Delete Column option.

If you need to delete more than one item, it is worth highlighting the appropriate number of cells. The rest of the actions remain the same.

If you want to work without taking your hands off the keyboard, including with Google Sheets, it is worth remembering a few useful combinations. Pressing them deletes rows and columns.

Hotkeys for Windows, Linux operating systems:

  • Alt + E, then D – delete lines;
  • Alt + E, then E – erase columns.

If macOS is installed on your computer, the previous combinations will not work. Other combinations should be used:

  • Ctrl + Option + E, then D – delete lines;
  • Ctrl + Option + E, then E – erase columns.

It doesn’t matter which way the reader likes the most: through the insert menu, using the context menu or a keyboard shortcut, deleting and creating columns with rows in a spreadsheet is a simple process that can be completed in a couple of clicks.

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