• July 5, 2022

How do I escalate Waltz of Asmodeus in Hitman 3?

The Waltz of Asmodeus Contract is the completion of everything you have learned from past contracts. In our guide, we will take a detailed look at each step of its passage and show the best routes.

Step 1 – targets around the tower

At the first level, there are three targets to be eliminated. The first target will be Basant Pai, one of the Black Gold Bar employees. From the spawn point, go up the stairs and turn left from the main entrance. You go into the bar, and further into the bathroom, it is located behind large doors.

There will be two employees in the bathroom, they need to be eliminated. We go into the booth on the left, block the bathroom and deal with the toilet. Then we return to the door and press against the wall on the right side, so we will not be noticed by the incoming employees.

When the first employee appears, close the door and knock him out. Carefully hide the body in the closet, and then wait for the second employee. We are already killing him and hiding his body. Yeah, just don’t forget to take the keycard out of their pockets.

Now use the key card to go to the laundry. Eliminate the employee there and take the guard disguise from the shelf.

The next target is Mahmoud Salman. To reach it, you need to climb the stairs in front of the garden. You were already there when you disguised yourself as the Vulture in one of the story missions in Dubai.

Well, we show wit and psychology, we will play on the greed of our goal. Muhmud Salman is leaning against the wall with a telephone. We throw a coin to the railing opposite him and push. Congratulations, the second target has been eliminated.

From here we see the third target – Mariam Amir.

Okay, now it’s time to be less creative. We repeat the old tactic: we sneak up on it from behind and throw it over the railing. Then leave the mission as you like.

Step 2 – everyone deserves special treatment

Three targets and you are back in the Atrium, now you have to make repairs. We go along the stairs, we turn right and into the garden.

Jump over the balcony on the right side and go until you reach the platform. Use the camera and open all the windows, there will be the first target – Oscar Malma.

Alas, there are strangers in the room who do not allow you to be alone with Oscar. We are waiting behind the boxes with equipment until the woman approaches the nearest laptop. Knock her out and throw her body out the window, it won’t count as murder.

Let’s get down to business: take a screwdriver, break the socket on the floor and open the water cooler. After we hide next to the generator and turn it off, when the target notices that something is wrong, turn on the generator again. Malma decides to figure out what is happening, but will die due to a strange combination of circumstances. Did someone kill him?

We drop the body into the window and go along the corridor to the right. Further along the stairs, and then jump to the balcony. There will be a guard, we cut him down and we steal clothes. Throw your body through the balcony, do not be afraid, he will survive it.

Again, we play on the greed of the target, we throw an object to Mahumud Salman so that he goes out onto the balcony, and then we discard it. On the balcony opposite, the third target is Mariam Amir. We go up there, but remember that there is a guard at the door who can see the disguise. So, we either run quickly or throw some object to distract.

Walk around the corner from Mariam, there will be a janitor. We cut it down and hide it in the closet, after taking the key from him, and then we go to the end of the corridor.

In a box on the floor, you will find an explosive golf ball. Well, it’s time to play. We throw the ball at Mariam being at a decent distance from her (big explosion). A guard will immediately come running to the sounds, cut him out and hide the body along the way by pulling out the key card from the penthouse.

Now we return along the corridor that leads to Mahmoud Salman. On the left there will be a door from the penthouse, open it with a key card and go up the stairs.

We pass into the first door to the left of us. We cut down the man collecting the ingredients and throw him into the freezer, just before that we take away his disguise. And then we return to the shelves and take away the rat poison.

We move to the next room. Here our new goal is Roberto Frankulita. Be careful, there is only one way to eliminate him: your target and the guard will come to the counter together, but at one moment Roberto will leave first of the guard, then you can send water. And then follow Franculito into the bathroom and drown him like Gerasim Mumu.

Now the final target. Climb to the service ladder near the target, grab the ax and go to the bathroom through the laundry room. In the laundry room, throw the ax, and then repeat the shenanigans from the first level. We cut out the distracting employee and hide him in the closet, return for the ax and kill Basant Pai. Now we wind up as we want and where we want.

Step 3 – Forget everything you’ve learned

Time for real madness. You will have to dress up as a devil, and use DAK Gold Covert to kill targets.

After spawning, to the left of the Atrium you will see your “tool” for this level. It will be in a gold case for easy transportation.

We run to the bathroom and repeat the actions brought to automatism: we knock out the first employee and shoot Pai in the head.

Then we run to Oscar Malm, the same road as in the previous level. We kill Malma together with the woman.

The next target is Mariam Amir, go to the conference room along the way, knocking out and dropping the guard. As you did on the previous level, you will see Mariam through the window of the conference room. Pow! One less target.

Go down the stairs to where Mahmoud Salman is standing. Pow! Go back upstairs.

Then we go to the penthouse, just do not run along the corridor, but jump over the balcony. Where we knocked out the guard. Remember that same guard who saw us through disguise on the second level? Here it needs to be knocked out in order to get the key card to the penthouse. Further from him we go into a room with shelves, we eliminate the person and throw him into the freezer.

After, we will stand at the entrance to the kitchen, it is unlikely that we will be warmly greeted by the guards if we enter in a devil’s costume. We are waiting for the guard to leave to drink water. Then we go into the kitchen and eliminate the last target with a quick well-aimed shot.

The guards will run after us, so you need to find a quiet place and wait there until everything settles down. Then look for the most epic way out of the mission. Congratulations on completing this truly insane contract.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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