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How do I fix bugs in FIFA 19 on Windows?

The most promising and interesting football project FIFA 19 has already appeared on computers. It combines all the best from the past series. At the same time, the developers managed to present a well-known sport to everyone in a new, beautiful shell. On a grand scale, the game has become one of the best-selling games since its release. As you might expect, FIFA 19 is not without its flaws, after its release, many errors were found in it. The greatest concentration of glitches is found in the PC version of the game.

Below are all known issues that have already been resolved.

The most common mistakes in FIFA 19 and how to solve them

Now about all the problems in more detail.

Can’t download FIFA 19

The first failure appears for users at the stage of downloading the game. The player simply cannot load the distribution. On the Origin platform, by default, after purchasing the game, download access should appear. For some players, after clicking on the download, only an error is displayed. Others experience the crash even earlier when trying to pay for the game.

Such problems are quite common, you can try to fix them with such simple methods:

  • Check internet access;
  • Restart downloading the game. Perhaps the failure is temporary or accidental;
  • Make sure that there is 50 GB of space on the SSD or HDD;
  • Run the Origin program update;
  • Re-enter your own account;
  • Close all processes on the computer running in the backgroundcorresponds to minimal requirements and capable of severely degrading performance;
  • Make sure the FIFA 19 region matches the actual region where the game is used.

FIFA 19 won’t start

While it is relatively easy to deal with boot problems, it becomes more difficult if there is a malfunction during the launch of the game. The main complication of the problem is that the cause of the failure is unknown. A variety of problems can provoke a malfunction: an outdated state of drivers, an error during loading, the lack of the necessary platforms, etc. Still, the optimization of FIFA 19 is pretty good and systemic problems are rarely observed. Usually, the reason is the banal carelessness of the user.

What should be done:

  • Check that the computer has the minimum specifications required to run the game: Windows 7, Intel Core i3-2100 (2×3.1 GHz), 8 GB RAM, 50 GB HDD space and GTX 460 1GB. It is better for the computer to exceed these characteristics;
  • Install the correct version of DirectX. The game works successfully with 11 and 12 versions;
  • Diagnose network status. Even after installing the game, you need an Internet connection for it to work. During the launch of FIFA 19, the Internet should be working;
  • Try to start the game with compatibility with the “7”:
    1. Make a RMB on the exe file and select “Properties”.
    2. Go to the Compatibility tab.
    3. Check the box next to “Compatibility Mode” and select “Windows 7”.
    4. Click on the “Apply” button and close the window.
  • Download and install new play in sports simulators on theVisual C ++, .NET Framework.

Frequent freezes with lags when playing in FUT mode

FIFA 19 is a game with medium system requirements. Improved graphics and artificial intelligence of team members use quite a lot of system resources. At the same time, playing such a dynamic game is comfortable only with a decent fps. The number of frames per second depends on the amount of RAM, the quality of the graphics card and the state of the video drivers. Only modern software is able to fully and effectively reveal the capabilities of the equipment.

It is recommended that you follow these steps to optimize your system to eliminate lags:

  • Check the status of the video drivers. They must be up to date, otherwise the drivers should be updated;
  • Reduce the quality of graphics in the game settings;
  • Make sure the stability and high speed of the Internet connection;
  • Check if everything is in order with the game files;
  • Quit background applications that consume a lot of Internet bandwidth;
  • Turn off “Origin in the game”;
  • Exit and re-enter the game.

The game does not respond to joystick control

Many gamers prefer to play sports simulators on joysticks. The controllers are more convenient to play in FIFA 19. However, it is usually not enough just to connect the controller for its normal operation. It is important to install drivers, and sometimes you have to install additional software. It is already known that FIFA 19 has several disadvantages when interacting with joysticks. Sometimes there is an error due to which the controller is no longer displayed in the system.

If you have problems with the controllers, you should:

  • Go to your profile in the game and delete it. Then create an account on a new one;
  • Install suitable controller drivers:
    1. Check the connection of the joystick to the system unit. It is best to avoid connecting with USB ports on the front of the computer and keyboard, they are often blunt.
    2. Make a right-click on the “Start” menu and launch “Device Manager”.
    3. Find the section with game controllers.
    4. Right click on the installed hardware and select “Update driver”.

In Ultimate Team, Knock Out

This mode is one of the most popular, in many ways it is he who gives the game fame. And here it was not without bugs, sometimes it constantly throws it out of FIFA 19 when trying to enter a match. Due to disconnection from the game, the gamer is credited with a loss. Truth be told, the problem is that EA tweaked the anti-cheat system. The game does not always recognize cheats correctly and throws on the desktop even players who are innocent of using cheats.

What can be done:

  1. Go to web resource SpeedTest and check the quality of the connection.
  2. Forget about Alt + Tab hotkeys, they are not handled correctly by the game;
  3. Turn off Origin In Game.
  4. Deactivate game mode and then dismiss notifications. Hold down the Win + I keys and select the “Games” menu. In the “Action Center” section there is a suitable “Focus Attention” option. It should be turned on to turn off system notifications.

Black screen in FIFA 19

Almost all new games show a black screen for some users. Most likely, the cause of the failure lies in the video drivers. In Windows 10, driver updates come along with other system updates. If the OS has not been updated for a long time, the video drivers could also be out of date. Late loading of drivers is a pressing problem. Sometimes the developers have already released a fix for the problem, but it is not yet on the user’s PC.

Better to check for drivers manually by visiting the website Nvidia or Radeon

Unable to connect to EA servers

FIFA 19 communicates with EA servers all the time, so the game needs constant access to the network. It needs to connect the computer to the network in several modes. All would be nothing, but for some reason there is a problem with the connection. The game receives a notification that the servers are unavailable and shows an error.

The solution to the problem often lies in one of the following actions:

  • Check the availability of access to the servers at the current time. Typically, server status information is located at page;
  • Make sure there are no wrong connection settings. The easiest way to avoid this kind of failure is to restart your Wi-Fi router and computer. To get the most stable network connection, it is better to use a LAN connection;
  • See if there are any problems with your firewall or antivirus settings. Better to add FIFA 19 to the exceptions.

Unable to unlock the Champions Edition

Recently, EA has been offering to purchase several varieties of the game. FIFA 19 has 3 editions:

  • Champions;
  • Ultimate;
  • Standard.

The first edition is more expensive than the others and, ironically, it is also more likely to crash.

Some buyers cannot unlock the publication due to an error. Despite the widespread failure, it can only be resolved through support. You should leave a message to the company.

Can’t log in to the FUT Companion app

It works over the Internet and allows you to check the changes and state of the current command at any time. The application also has access to advanced statistics on the main actions of the user. The Ultimate Team Companion Edition does not always work correctly with the web app and therefore the user is unable to connect to it.

The solution here is simple to the point of banality – to clear the temporary files of the browser by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del. There is also a possibility that the application does not work well with this browser, you should try using another web browser. Many players don’t even know, but there is a corresponding application for smartphones. Perhaps it will replace the browser application.

Match won’t start in FIFA 19

Often, gamers try to start a match and go to the download window. After a long wait, it becomes clear that the game will not load. In such a situation, the solution is usually hidden in the network settings. Another solution is to run the recovery tool built into the Origin client.

Malfunctions in FUT mode can be solved by the following actions:

  • Turn off applications running in the background and consuming a lot of system resources;
  • Disable the display of notifications in the system;
  • Remove game mode in Windows;
  • Quit the game and delete the temporary files from the Documents folder, the FIFA 19 directory.
  • Fill out the developers’ form in FUT mode;
  • Go from the main section of the menu to “Settings” and select “Edit teams” to rebuild the lineups.

This is one of the most common mistakes that allows you to hope for a quick fix of the problem.

For today, this is all we know about the problems with FIFA 19. Gradually, this topic will be updated, if something new about the game appears, we will offer additional solutions to the problems.

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