• March 4, 2024

How do I fix problems logging into the server in Last Oasis?

Last Oasis is a multiplayer game that allows you to connect to both official and private servers. However, not all users go smoothly, some have difficulty logging in. The guide is aimed at such players, which will eliminate all connection problems.

How do I restore normal connection to the servers in Last Oasis?

There are a number of problems that can negatively affect the connection to game servers. In order not to get confused in them, you should consider the main reasons and, at the same time, ways to correct them.

Programs that can interfere with Steam

In any system, there is a risk of conflict between applications. Some software negatively affects Steam’s ability to connect to third-party servers, reduce client performance, or lead to critical errors.

If you notice incorrect Steam behavior on the system, you should disable the maximum number of secondary programs. If you now start the client and the game itself, most likely it will work fine. Everything is just like that? By turning on the programs one by one, until the problem reappears, it will be possible to diagnose the culprit of the problem. Then it becomes a choice: to abandon the program completely, replace it with an analogue, or try to configure it (change ports, turn off Internet protection, etc.).

List of main culprits

What most often interferes with Steam:

  • Antiviruses. Antivirus software is deeply embedded in the system and can block almost all actions of other applications. If it controls network access or manages disk space, connecting to third-party servers can be a problem. To make sure that the antivirus is not interfering, you should temporarily disable it. Did it work? Steam should be excluded.
  • VPN. The service, at its discretion, can block access to different IP-addresses. It’s easy to check, just turn off the VPN. This will increase the bandwidth of the network and prevent a lot of other problems due to poor quality connections.
  • Firewall and other security applications. If the firewall is configured incorrectly or too tightly, Steam loses the ability to interact with most servers. It’s worth adding Steam to the exceptions.
  • P2P, FTP clients and file sharing applications. They can simply clog up the Internet bandwidth, not leaving the necessary resources for the game. They can be configured to limit the bandwidth allocated to applications. In general, you should not activate such programs during a gaming session.
  • IP filtering or program blocking is active. If you use special applications to limit traffic and blocking, connection problems will become the norm. They are especially actively used in the corporate sector. You need to either change the filtering settings, or disable them.
  • Background processes. They often launch updates that consume a significant portion of the internet bandwidth. At the same time, programs are not displayed on the taskbar. You should go to the “Task Manager” and check that there is no heavy load in the “Network” section. If there is, we sort the list in descending order and turn off the download procedure in the program, which takes a lot of Internet speed.

What else do you need to know?

Developers report:

“With so many players trying to play at the same time, our current master server (backend / database) cannot hold all of the load at the moment. We are working around the clock to expand and fix known issues, but this may take a while. You may experience crashes, login errors, or other problems. We promise you that all these problems will be resolved as quickly as possible. “

Many new products experience problems for the first time after launch due to high load. The coronavirus epidemic has only made things more difficult, as many people are at home and play actively. Sometimes the only working solution is waiting.

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