• November 29, 2023

How do I get three premium tanks, a unique commander and other gifts in July?

This month, Wargaming has been generous with gifts for players and added other goodies.

commander 19 setHello tankers! In the second week of July, new “home deliveries” arrived for World of Tanks under the Twitch Prime Live stream. Some of the gifts are credited immediately, and 2 more to choose from. In addition, during the month, special combat missions will operate for a bonus to crew experience, blueprints, consumables and reserves.

You wanted to upgrade new vehicles, but you needed a commander? Meet Julia Cesare, with the Sixth Sense perk zero and two more.Julia Cesare

You can farm pretty well in a day of a premium account. And combat missions for x5 experience will allow you to quickly upgrade your equipment or at least get rid of the stock equipment faster. If you cut the reserves for experience + x3 per premium, then you can export 9-11 thousand combat experience per battle.

Of the less significant buns, the inscription on the technique “Came, saw, conquered”, 20 boxes of cola (which, if desired, can be converted into 200,000 silver) and training brochures for 100,000 experience for the US crew. And a beautiful medal, if they are important for someone.

Prem tanks are rented for 10 days from the moment of their selection. You can only take 2 out of 4. Each of the tanks can then be redeemed at a discount.

The British CT Cromwell B is part of the famous Berlin Five set for the first time on loan. In terms of performance characteristics, this is a regular pumped Cromwell, so it is played very fun. Good dynamics and an excellent weapon guarantee the ability to bend in the random.

German ST Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm classic tank of the second line: strong turret, accurate and penetrating gun. The body is cardboard, but there is additional protection in the form of screens.Pz.Kpfw.  IV Schmalturm

American assault tank destroyer TS-5 was first obtained for a marathon, and then it was sold for shares. If you were in doubt about whether to buy it, now is a great opportunity to test the technique. It is well suited for training the crew of the top US tank destroyers and for farming silver due to its good alpha and excellent armor penetration. Also, additional earnings of silver will provide a shot of damage in its light + good frontal armor (if you hide the NLD).

Heavy tank from the USA M6A2E1, whom many players know by the nickname “Goose”. It was with this animal that he got his unique style in the anniversary store (you can still buy it). It has a preferential level of battles, while among other “benefits” it is distinguished by good armor penetration.M6A2E1

And a 30-day bonus comes King Tiger (captured) with a unique 3D styling. With penetration and alpha, it is not inferior to the pumped German TT (although it belongs to the USA itself), while it has fast mixing and good accuracy.King Tiger (captured)

All this can be obtained with an active Prime Twitch subscription or buy a ready-made account (which comes out much cheaper).

Detailed instructions on how to get all the gifts of the July set in 5 minutes.

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