• October 1, 2022

How do I hit a leg in Brawl Stars? All working ways

Brawl Stars has captured the hearts of millions of players. It is an addictive and dynamic game that allows you to learn how to work in a team with people from different corners of the world… At the same time, in the process of battles, there is no need to overcome the language barrier, which contributes to its spread among people from different countries.

all go to brawl stars

In the hunt for especially rare awards, gamers spend more than one hundred hours, so how to knock out a leg in Brawl Stars not easy. Below you will find a few secrets to improve your chances of being caught.

Who are the legendary brawls

Brawl Stars distributed through the system free-to-play and allows you to install and play it completely free of charge. Instead, the developers introduced a system of hero rarity. Its essence lies in the fact that upon registration, the user is given a certain number of heroes, and the rest he must earn with the help of in-game prizes.

Until recently, legendary fighters were the most valuable reward, but with the introduction chromatic rarity went down to the honorable second place.

List of all legendary brawls

At the moment, there are 5 legendary fighters in the game. They are all useful in certain matchups and modes:

  • Leon;
  • Spike;
  • Amber;
  • Raven;
  • Sandy. list of legendaries in brawl stars
We wrote in more detail about the capture of Leon in a separate article.

All ways to get leg

So, let’s start analyzing all the methods and secret manipulations for capturing the right character… For maximum effect, we recommend using all options at once.

Loot boxes

Big chests in brawl starsThe first of the options is the simplest and allows you to get legendary without much difficulty. It’s enough just to launch various modes and earn free boxes from the battle pass and the road to glory.

To increase the likelihood, we recommend buying the paid version brawl pass and accumulate more of the most valuable chests. The chance of dropping a Raven or other rare brawls is approximately 0.16%.

Trick with the message

Technical support at brawl starsThe next effective option was described by many American YouTubers. They noticed the following pattern – if you contact technical support with any claim, then after a while knock out a leg it becomes much easier. It is possible to contact the company’s employees through the section “Help and support” in settings.

Don’t forget to support your favorite streamer with the author code if you wish. We try to include all author working codes in our article.

Hidden algorithm

The Secret Way To Catch Lega In Brawl StarsThis moment goes well just with opening cases with awards. Players who played many matches noticed a certain pattern in the drop of very rare heroes.

Follow the algorithm and drop probability exactly rare item will increase many times over. First you need to accumulate 50 chests of any quality (preferably as expensive as possible) and do not open them. Yes, it will be difficult to resist, but it’s worth it.

After accumulation, you need to play 1 match and open 10 cases. If nothing falls out, then repeat the algorithm again.

If you are lucky enough to knock out at least rare brawlthen do not start over and wait at least a week. With this approach, the system will think that the user is cold for the game and will try to cheer him up with a new gift.

Promo code

promotional code for a leg in brawl stars

The last way would be to use special code to receive a specific item from the developers themselves. Periodically, developers post special codes, if you enter them in the required field, the corresponding prize

To get started, go to the game and go to “Score“. Scroll to the right of the appeared list to the item “Author Code“. Enter the following character set here: GiveMeLegendBrawl10 and receive the coveted reward.

all the ways to catch the legendary brawl in brawl stars

We also recommend that you read the article where we list the codes for free Brawl Stars gems. We try to constantly update information and display only relevant data.

Now you know about all the currently known methods getting a leg in Brawl Stars… All of them have been tested by many players and proven to work, but the likelihood of failure still remains. We recommend not to despair and continue trying to find the cherished hero. Write in the comments, what heroes would you like to catch and how long you have been playing Brawl Stars.

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