• October 3, 2023

How do I quickly sync GeForce Now games to Steam?

Now, GeForce Now account holders have acquired the ability to synchronize their personal library with the Steam platform. A special system from Nvidia has been released to transfer the list of games. The “Game Sync” column should now appear on the “My Library” page, showing the games with compatibility.

The GeForce Now service, already released this year, allowed gamers to launch games purchased from alternative gaming services. Supported launchers include Steam, Epic Games, STore, Battle.net, and Uplay. However, the selection of games on Steam for GeForce Now had to be done manually. This procedure was quite time consuming.

With this innovation, Steam will learn to automatically detect purchased games that are supported on GeForce Now. It will then transfer them to “My Library” inside the Nvidia app. To sync, simply open the Game Sync tab in Settings when purchasing your next Steam game.

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