• November 29, 2023

How do I skip the Crash Bandicoot 4 intro on PC?

Crash Bandicoot 4 in 2020 became one of the best games on the console, breaking several world records and attracting the attention of millions of gamers. This is understandable, interesting gameplay with cartoonish and very nice graphics will not leave anyone indifferent. This year has become significant, because Crash Bandicoot 4 appeared on the PC, it was qualitatively adapted for computers and today you can completely immerse yourself in the adventures of the main characters. It is even more comfortable to play on the PC, while the release has been supplemented with some new features and levels. Not surprisingly, even gamers who use the console version quickly got down to their computer.

How to skip Crash Bandicoot 4 intro videos on PC

Since you may have previously played Crash Bandicoot 4, then all the intro cutscenes have long been seen on the console. They migrated to the PC unchanged, and this viewing takes a lot of time. It should be said that the first time the videos look interesting and juicy, but there is no desire to watch them again and waste a lot of your time.

It should be noted that the developer did not provide a rewind or skip function, which is a rather strange decision. On the forums, people started discussing this problem and quickly found a fairly simple but effective solution.

To skip the Crash Bandicoot 4 introductory videos, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the folder with the installed game. To simplify this task and quickly search, you can right-click on the shortcut on the desktop and select “File location”. The main folder with game files will open in front of you.
  2. Navigate to the following path: Lava Content Movies.
  3. In this folder, you can see a lot of video files that will periodically run in the game. Delete all files that start with the word “Bumper”. These are the very introductory videos that you may have seen before. You can sort files by name to quickly find the ones you want and delete them.

How to skip Crash Bandicoot 4 intro videos on PC?

After that, you can start the game and look at what you have done. Since there are no introductory videos, the program will immediately open an introductory menu in front of you and give you the opportunity to start the process. Do not be afraid, deleting these files will not affect anything, the application will work stably and smoothly. But by such actions, you can save a huge amount of your time and immediately start interesting gaming battles in Crash Bandicoot 4 on PC.

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