• February 22, 2024

How much will it cost to replace batteries in AirPods?

Older AirPods probably don’t last as long as they used to. The battery holds several times less than the battery life declared by the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that the battery loses some of its capacity after numerous charge and discharge cycles. This can manifest itself in the form of a rapid discharge of the headphones, deterioration in sound quality, and intermittent disconnection of the connection. In order for the headphones to stop charging so quickly, you will have to replace the battery. However, this is not a cheap service, like any other provided by Apple.

AirPods are guaranteed 1 year trouble-free operation. If the problem appeared during this time, it will not be difficult to return the headphones under warranty. It is absolutely free under the warranty program. When can you conclude about a malfunction? If AirPods barely work one hour during calls, although the new model is ready to withstand up to 5 hours of communication without recharging. The cover increases the battery life by a day.

Mostly battery wear is not a warranty problem. Service center employees refuse to accept devices with similar problems for warranty repair. And this is not so important, because the battery life is much more than one year, so it is still not covered by the warranty.

How much does it cost to replace batteries in AirPods?

For older AirPods owners, the only option is to replace the battery. This is a rather expensive service. Its official cost is $ 49 and this is for one headphone. In total, replacing the battery will cost $ 98. If you need to replace the battery in the charging case, you’ll have to shell out another $ 49.

The total cost of replacing all batteries is $ 147, then new original batteries will be in the headphones and case. A very large sum for returning the headphones to normal operation.

Is it smart to renovate?

Now it is worth remembering that the new AirPods will cost only a little more – $ 159. It turns out that buying new headphones is easier and more profitable than repairing old ones. AirPods 2 are coming soon. The second generation of headphones will include new features, lower power consumption, longer battery life, and the addition of Bluetooth 5.0. After the official release, the first generation should be cheaper. Maybe you should wait and get AirPods cheaper or buy the second generation of headphones for the same (or slightly higher) price?

For new headphones to last longer, store them in the case when not in use. To increase battery life, it is better to use one earphone. At any time, you can take the second earpiece and continue communication. We also recommend refraining from unreasonably opening and closing the case, as this consumes the charge.

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