• May 19, 2024

How scammers cheat people by promising simple but lucrative jobs over the Internet

More and more people want to earn extra money on the Internet. Scammers know this and set their traps in different parts of the world wide web. Their ads can be found anywhere: in job search services, and in thematic groups of social networks, and in spam mailings.

What scammers offer

For example, you have to monitor the operation of an online casino or binary option for several hours a day. You just need to go to the site to change the settings in accordance with the instructions given, and also restart the robot if it stops.

You may also be asked to take surveys. For each they promise 50-70 rubles, which will accumulate on the internal account of the service, from where they can then be withdrawn.

Polls can be complex, taking up to half an hour or more. But sometimes you only need to fill out one short questionnaire in order to take part in the drawing of a cash prize from a major brand.

Call center operator vacancies at home often appear. During the shift, you need to make a certain number of calls and a certain percentage of them must be effective, that is, the client must agree to purchase a product or provide a service. Only such calls are charged.

Another option: you are promised a job in a thriving company with a very attractive salary. At the initial stage, you only need to undergo paid training, complete several test tasks, pay a deposit for participating in a business, or purchase a consignment of goods.

And sometimes you are offered to produce something at home: jewelry, handmade soap, and so on.

What is the essence of such scams

When you follow a binary option or an online casino, you are constantly being shown the success of players who supposedly hit the big jackpot. Out of greed, you decide to participate yourself and deposit real money into the system, which you naturally lose.

Or like this: the employer promises you access to a work account, which you have to manage and receive a salary from it. An instruction is sent to the mail, you follow the link containing the virus, or trustingly indicate the details of your card for “binding”.

In the case of surveys, to withdraw the earned money, you need to collect the minimum amount, which is often 500, or even 1000 rubles.

But here’s the bad luck: all the time you don’t get into the target audience (a message about this pops up after filling out the questionnaire), so polls are not counted.

With a short questionnaire and a quiz, it’s even easier: you “won”, but to receive money you need to provide your card details or make a small transfer confirming your identity, which you are promised to return.

With a call center, the same as with surveys – most of your work will not be accepted under various pretexts: few calls, customers have refused services, and so on.

As a result, you are without a salary and are looking for a new job, and the former employer is looking for new slaves.

There are surprises awaiting those wishing to get a position in a cool firm:

  • after paid training, it turns out that you are not suitable;
  • the business has gone bankrupt, and the deposit is not refundable;
  • purchased goods are not needed by anyone, it is impossible to sell them and return them too;
  • unpaid test tasks do not stop arriving, you are thrown off real work from some exchange and receive a reward for you;
  • the goods made at home by hand are “low-quality”, therefore they will not be paid, although they have already been accepted and lost somewhere (were thrown away).

If you are promised mountains of gold for work that any schoolchild is able to do, and even more so if they want to take some kind of advance payment from you, then these are definitely scammers.

Perhaps you had other bitter experiences, share them in the comments!

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