• October 3, 2023

How Skyrim became a pregnancy test. This is a must see

Skyrim can be played on literally anything: game consoles, computers, mobile platforms, and now an electronic pregnancy test / And this is not even a joke.


From PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch to Amazon Alexa, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is forever immortalized across a seemingly endless lineup of platforms. The famous RPG has actually become something of a meme due to its endless porting, and Bethesda themselves even used this joke back in 2018. The developers themselves said that Skyrim will eventually be playable on a refrigerator.

However, it looks like Twitter user Foone has decided to go even further and bring Skyrim to a much more unexpected device. Foone gave all Elder Scrolls fans the opportunity to play it on a real pregnancy test (second video).

To be completely honest, the test version of the game is actually just a recording of the first moments of gameplay.but it is undoubtedly an incredible feat worth seeing. On a tiny OLED screen of white dots, the video is formed, and the outline is unmistakably recognizable as the notorious scene on the cart and “you finally woke up”. How did an endlessly talented hacker manage to do this? He claims that only a real test shell was used, into which Foone inserted a new display and microcontroller to create the image. This replacement is due to the fact that the existing CPU cannot be reprogrammed and the LCD can only display 4 items.

For those wondering what else Foone’s hilarious pregnancy tests can do, results range from funny jokes to insanely detailed results. They can start recording the original DOOM (At the same time, Foone claims that his invention can be used for real games if you connect the processor to a PC, but this will be very tricky). Hopefully Foone will reveal more about this quirky project in the coming days.

Minecraft to Minecraft

As for other similar interesting stories, YouTube author Fundy managed to play Minecraft right in Minecraft itself, watch YouTube from the game (in a characteristic cubic design) and much more. It is obvious that such wacky projects are becoming more common, especially in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, when many find themselves interesting new hobbies to pass the time.

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