• October 3, 2023

How to Create Legendary Quick Hacks in Cyberpunk 2077

If you strive to become the best netrunner in Night City, you will need an arsenal of many quick hacks (special hacks or viruses) that will disable any opponents and turn the most difficult situations to your advantage. The best of them are legendary. However, while you can easily buy a rare or unusual quick hack from any of the many netrunners scattered around the city, you will not be able to get the legendary hack directly. The only way to get these hacking programs is to create them yourself. It is not so easy to do this, first you have to perform a few preliminary steps. Here’s what you need to craft legendary quick hacks:

Buy fast low-level hacks from non-runners

You can buy Uncommon or Rare versions of Quick Hacks to later turn them into Legendary. The main thing to remember is that cyber abilities require RAM. The problem with a lack of RAM is solved in one of the spirit of ways: either by opening perks that contribute to faster recovery of RAM, or by buying a new cyberdeck, which initially has a large base amount of RAM.

Acquire special skills

Be sure to buy the Legacy of Bartmoss perk from the Intelligence category (a continuation of the School of Hacking skill), as it will open up the possibility of creating legendary quick hacks. This means that the quick hack blueprints you have in your inventory can now be viewed in the crafting menu. Keep in mind that you need 20 intelligence points to unlock this skill.

To create legendary quick hacks, you will need another skill – “Inventor” (Edgerunner Artisan). This perk is located in the Technique section, it will allow you to create any legendary item, be it quick hacks, weapons or clothing. After obtaining this perk, which requires 18 intelligence points, you will need to complete the last step.

Stock up on components for legendary quick hacks

To finally create legendary variations of your quick hacks, you need special components. The easiest way to obtain these hacking components, whether Legendary, Epic or Rare quality, is to hack the hotspots scattered around Night City. This not only provides you with the much-needed crafting ingredients, but also a lot of Eurodollars, or as they are most often called, Eddies, which are the currency in the game world. Once you’ve collected enough legendary components for a quick hack, you’ll be able to craft the most effective hacks in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

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