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How to find a village in Minecraft

Do you want to find a village in Minecraft or just understand how life works in them? In fact, these lovely settlements are a great place to get useful items. They are well worth a visit to bargain with the locals before your important trip. In addition, you can find hidden chests in villagers’ houses and profit from other people’s supplies.

How to find a village in Minecraft

The number of inhabitants in a Minecraft village depends on the number of beds. Local can be:

  • farmers;
  • fishermen;
  • butchers;
  • priests;
  • gunsmiths;
  • masons;
  • tanners;
  • librarians;
  • armored men;
  • shepherds;
  • archers;
  • cartographers;
  • toolmakers.

The settlement itself consists of various buildings, residential buildings and a well, which is the center. Village type is determined by the biomewhere most of it is located, or the area where villagers are most often found. The settlement appears naturally. The number of buildings and other elements in it are generated randomly.

The principle of randomness manifests itself in relation to the inhabitants with whom you can trade, as well as the location of the village itself. The latter can make it very difficult to find it, but the result is worth it.

In our guide to Minecraft villages, we’ll show you the easiest way to find them, and how to avoid a zombie siege. We will also share with you the best places where you can profit from the supplies of local residents.

Find a village

Locals in Minecraft Village

A village in Minecraft can be located on plains, savannah, taiga, snowy tundra and desert biomes that are naturally created. All components of the settlement are randomly generated, so the number of buildings and their structure will differ. That is, on the way you may encounter a village without a blacksmith at all, with one or several at once.

Features of the village in Minecraft:

  • wooden huts;
  • large buildings;
  • Butcher shop;
  • library;
  • farms;
  • well;
  • blacksmith;
  • church;
  • lamp posts;
  • tracks;
  • iron golems.

Paths wind between buildings and go to the outskirts of the village. You can either walk to find the village, or fly in creative mode. In addition, there is special seeds for settlement in Minecraftso that it is located closer to the spawn point at the beginning of the game. Here are some of them:




It is also worth trying to determine the coordinates of the nearest village using a search engine. it console commandsupported by such platforms:

  • Java Edition;
  • Pocket Edition;
  • Windows 10;
  • Edition;
  • Education Edition.

Open your console and enter the command: “/ Locate Village”, then press “Enter” to get the coordinates of the nearest village.

Trade with villagers

Blacksmith in Minecraft Village

In the villages there are residents who are engaged in trade. You can interact with them to buy and sell various goods.

In Bedrock Edition, there is a chance to meet a wandering merchant with a llama.

By clicking right click by a villager, you can trade with him. Each time you interact with a mob, not all items you need will be available. However, with each new time, your reputation with the NPC will increase. This makes the seller more likely to offer you discounts later.

Do not lose your guard! Villagers will not always behave honestly. Make sure you don’t get robbed before handing over the emeralds.

The locals have five career levels:

  • beginner;
  • student;
  • journeyman;
  • expert;
  • master.

By trading with mobs, their level can be increased. It will be beneficial for you to deal with the same seller. Eventually it will offer improved items for sale.

Based on the profession of a villager and its level, trade offers will vary… So, for example, at a farmer offering bread on a beginner’s level, you obviously will not find a master’s golden carrot in the assortment.

Minecraft Village Jobs

If you are looking for NPCs of a specific profession, here are the places where they are most often found:

  • bronnik – a smelter with a blast furnace;
  • butcher – smokehouse;
  • cartographer – at the cartographic table in the workshop;
  • the priest is the church;
  • the farmer is on the farm;
  • fisherman – fisherman’s hut;
  • archer – at the table for feathering arrows;
  • tanner – tannery;
  • librarian – library;
  • bricklayer – bricklayer’s workshop;
  • a shepherd – a shepherd’s house, a workshop of weavers;
  • gunsmith – forge.

How to summon an iron golem

Iron Golem

Iron golems are the defenders of villages. And although one such mob usually appears along with the settlement, such large and passive creatures are quite simple to summon. However, this is expensive. The Iron Golem is very useful for your farms, villages and the people in them. You will be able to sleep in peace knowing that all your possessions and peaceful NPCs will not be affected by a sudden Creeper explosion or a zombie attack at night.

What you need to summon an iron golem in Minecraft:

  • 4 iron blocks;
  • 1 carved pumpkin.

How to summon an iron golem in Minecraft - recipe

Place four iron blocks in a T-shape on the surface with one block on the ground and the other three on top. Place a carved pumpkin on them and watch your The iron golem materializes before our eyes

What loot is there in the village

Chests are randomly generated in houses and contain various items, depending on the biome. For example, there will be a dry bush in a box from a house in the desert, and an oak sapling from a hut on the plain. In the homes of blacksmiths, also known as forges, there is a chest with more significant loot. It contains valuable items such as diamonds, ingots, iron armor and rare things.

Chest in the villager's house

Various types of meats such as beef and lamb can be picked up from the butcher’s crate. They also contain coal, and sometimes even emeralds… The Cartographer’s Chest contains paper, bread, sticks, and other items.

Zombies in Minecraft

An ordinary village in Minecraft has a 2% chance of becoming a zombie village. Instead of generated locals, they will live there zombie villagers… In such a creepy settlement there are no torches, and the houses have no doors. Some blocks, cobblestone are replaced with cobwebs, and glass panels are replaced with brown stained glass.

Zombie village in Minecraft

In addition, zombies in Minecraft have a 10% chance to appear at midnight if there are at least 20 inhabitants and 10 (or more) doors. In this case, a siege will occur.

Raiding the village

You can call a raid on a settlement, by entering it under the Bad Omen status (Brand of misfortune)… You get this effect if you destroy a raider with a flag. Milk or simple waiting will help get rid of the status. In the latter case, the effect will go away on its own after a while.

If the evil in you does not sleep, and you want to provoke a raid on the village, then you must use the Bad Omen in your dark deeds. Just visit the village under the influence of this effect. As a result a number of Rogues, Summoners and Reavers will appearthat will attack the player and any villagers in several waves.

Raiding the village

Finding a village in Minecraft is only half the battle. The search will pay off once you’ve earned the respect of the locals. Then they will greet you, offer good things for sale, various goodies, and even give gifts. Just be kind to the villagers. Do not attack the iron golem roaming the area.

If you have nowhere to store loot and items purchased from village merchants, then our guide to building your own house in Minecraft will help you find inspiration.

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