• May 22, 2024

How to fix a blinking screen on Windows 10?

A blinking screen is an extremely serious problem for many owners of personal computers running on Windows 10. Unfortunately, there can be a whole sea of ​​reasons behind such blinking, and therefore it can take from several minutes to several hours to fix this problem. We hasten to please you: there are a number of methods that can save you from the blinking screen.

Method # 1 Reconnecting the video cable

Perhaps you did not quite correctly connect the cable between the monitor and the video card. Problems with such a connection may occur after several days or even months (!) Of computer operation. We recommend that you completely reconnect this cable. If you are using VGA, be sure to tighten the appropriate mounting bolts all the way.

Replacing the video cable

Have you ever thought that you came across a “bad” video cable? The fact is that now on the electronics market you can find an insane amount of cables from unknown manufacturers at insanely low prices. It would seem that a cable is a cable. Why take a cable more expensive if you can take the same one, but two or even three times cheaper?

Quality, comrades, do not forget about quality. When buying cheap cables, you run the risk of stumbling upon a number of all sorts of problems when using them, including blinking of the connected monitor. Replace your cable with a newer, more reliable one and see if the problem is resolved. Don’t skimp on cables for your computer!

Removing problematic applications

Applications can cause problems with the display of the picture. For example, some Norton programs can definitely cause screen blinking on a Windows 10 PC. Of course, it is difficult to determine which specific program is causing the problem, but as a rule, it is something that the user has recently installed.

Do you have such a program? Ok then you can do the following:

  • get rid of the program;
  • reinstall the program;
  • install a more recent version of the program.

The first should be done, perhaps, only if the installed software does not represent something beyond what is necessary.

Reinstalling graphics drivers

Microsoft claims that screen blinking is often caused by graphics drivers. The easiest solution in this situation is to reinstall these drivers.

  1. Open up Device Manager (Win + X -> Device Manager).
  2. Expand the section Video adapters
  3. Right click on your video card and select Delete device
  4. Next select Remove driver programs for this device and press Delete
  5. Reboot your computer.
  6. Go to the official website of your GPU manufacturer (Nvidia, AMD or Intel).
  7. Download the latest drivers and install them.
  8. Restart your computer again.

Log in to Windows and test your monitor. Still watching the blinks? Then let’s take a look at another solution.

Change monitor refresh rate

Refresh rate shows how often the image on the monitor display changes within one second. For example, 60 Hz means that the picture on your screen changes 60 times per second. Screen flickering may occur as a result of setting too high a frequency. A typical example – a monitor is designed to work at 60 Hz, and the user set it to 75 Hz.

You need to set the correct refresh rate for your monitor:

  1. Open up System parameters (Win + I).
  2. Go to SystemDisplayAdditional display options
  3. Select the correct frequency from the drop-down menu.

You do not need to reboot anything – it will immediately become clear to you whether the blinking of the monitor has been fixed or not.

If none of the above methods – even buying a better video cable – helped you fix the screen blinking, then you are almost certainly faced with some kind of hardware breakdown. Here the problem most likely lies either in the video card or in the monitor itself. One way or another, we recommend urgently contacting the nearest service center.

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