• July 5, 2022

How to fix BSOD Reference By Pointer on Windows 10?

The REFERENCE_BY_POINTER message displayed on the blue screen of death is not entirely clear in origin. As reported by Microsoft tech support, a one-time BSOD with such an error is not a cause for alarm. Maybe Windows was just updating drivers in the background and something went wrong. If this is not a single actuation, you will have to try several different methods. All known variants are described below.


Obviously, we will not be able to determine the true cause of the Reference By Pointer Windows 10 error without minidumps of your system. Nevertheless, the analysis of information from other users gives reason to identify several main primary sources of failure.

What can cause Reference By Pointer:

  • accidental failure during update installation;
  • outdated, damaged drivers and system files;
  • hard disk or RAM errors;
  • incorrectly installed or problematic Windows 10 update.

How to fix the Reference By Pointer error in Windows 10?

The simplest solution, which often works with various BSODs, is “Blue Screen Troubleshooting”, which is dubbed the “death” of Windows. The top ten has an automatic tool for finding problems and fixing them. It would be logical to use it.

Detailed instructions:

  1. We open the “Control Panel”, it can be found through Start.
  2. We look for and click on the item “Troubleshooting”.
  3. We select “View all categories”.
  4. At the end of the list, click on the item “Blue Screen” and follow the advice of the wizard.

Reference By Pointer on Windows 10

While the chances of a fix are good, this tool is far from a panacea. The following manual actions also have a high probability of solving the problem.

1. Scan RAM for errors

If BSOD Reference By Pointer in Windows 10 appears every time the system starts, we tend to think of some kind of errors in RAM. They appear very quickly. It is extremely rare that a failure can appear when loading a certain percentage or amount of RAM, but this also indicates RAM errors. We suggest running the RAM Diagnostic Tool.

How to do it:

  1. Open Start and enter into search mdsched, select the only found element.
  2. Click on the first option “Perform reboot and check”.
  3. We are waiting for the result of the procedure. It is possible that the problems found will be fixed automatically.

Reference By Pointer on Windows 10

2. Check the hard disk for errors

A tool to scan your hard drive for errors is often helpful. Even if he cannot help in automatic mode, at least he will give an understanding of the nature of the problem and indicate in which direction to look further. You just need to paste chkdsk / f C: into the command line, only it must have administrator privileges. The letter C in the command is the designation of the drive where Windows is installed, it may differ for you.

3. Run Driver Verifier Manager in Safe Mode

In Windows 10 all versions there is a utility “Driver Verifier Manager”, which independently scans the installed drivers and their status. May display corrupted software that needs to be reinstalled, updated, or rolled back depending on the cause of the problem. You can run the tool using the request verifier to the search bar. Before starting, you need to set the following parameters: “Create standard parameters” and “Next” – “Automatically select unsigned drivers” and again “Next”. If this does not help, you should run the tool again and select “Automatically select drivers for previous versions of Windows”.

Reference By Pointer on Windows 10

4. Roll back or update video card drivers

If, as a result of the previous action, it was possible to find the problematic software, you need to work with it additionally. You should also look at the drivers manually, perhaps the system did not automatically detect problems, but they are. A good option is to look at a list of all recently updated drivers and compare them with the time the BSOD first appeared. Most likely one of the latest software updates caused the blue screen with the Reference By Pointer message. DriverView will help you to display information about all updated drivers. Then everything is simple – download the official update for the driver.

In practice, it is the video card software that causes the problem most often. It is worth trying to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s official website and install. If the procedure does not work, we can recommend rolling back the drivers.

For this you need:

  1. Go to the “Device Manager” (from the menu that appears after pressing the Win + X combination).
  2. In the “Video adapters” section, double-click on the video card.
  3. Go to the “Drivers” tab and select “Roll back driver”.
  4. We follow the step-by-step tips of the wizard.

Reference By Pointer on Windows 10

5. Remove problematic Windows update

There has been a trend that Reference By Pointer’s blue screen of death is starting to pop up massively after some updates. The easiest way to resolve the crash is to uninstall the problematic update.

How to do it:

  1. With the keyboard shortcut Win + I open “Options” and go to “Update and Security”.
  2. On the first tab, click on “Update Log” and look at the latest patches that came out shortly before the BSOD appeared.
  3. Right-click on Start and select “Programs and Features”.
  4. From the menu on the left, click on the option “View installed updates.”
  5. We press RMB on the version of updates for which there are suspicions (their installation coincided with the appearance of BSOD) and select “Delete”.

Reference By Pointer on Windows 10

It should be noted that some programs may cause the REFERENCE_BY_POINTER blue screen of death. For some reason, they do not work correctly in the system and after deletion, Windows 10 is restored to work. Today similar behavior is seen for TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, Daemon Tools, Any Video Converter, nProtect GameGuard. If there is any software from the list, it is better to uninstall it and install an analogue. So far, this is all we can write about BSOD REFERENCE_BY_POINTER.

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