• March 4, 2024

How to fix error 0x80072f89 in Windows Mail?

Error code 0x80072f89 typically occurs for Windows 10 users when receiving or sending email through Windows Mail. However, on the network you can find notifications that this error appears from time to time on Windows 8.1.

After doing a little research on various thematic forums, it turned out that error 0x80072f89 occurs due to a problem with the SSL certificate. However, this statement only works if the error appears directly in the Windows Mail application.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at how you can get rid of this error and continue using the Windows 10 mail application.

Troubleshoot error 0x80072f89 in Windows Mail


Method # 1 Run Windows Store Troubleshooter

Some users were able to resolve error 0x80072f89 by running the Windows Store troubleshooter. If this error occurs as a result of some failures with application data, the tool should detect them and fix them.

The note: this method will work only for users of the operating system Windows 10. If you are the owner of older Windows, then immediately go to the second method.

Here’s how to run the Windows Store troubleshooter:

  1. press the key combination Windows + R;
  2. enter the value ms-settings: troubleshoot in the blank line;
  3. press Enter;
  4. go down to the bottom of the list and select “Windows Store Apps”;
  5. click on the “Run the troubleshooter” button;

Wait for the scan to finish, and then click on the “Apply Fix” button to solve the problems found with the Windows Store applications, and in our case, Windows Mail. Restart your computer and check if error 0x80072f89 has been resolved.

Method # 2 Setting up ports

Considering that the problem is most likely based on the SSL certificate, you can try to resolve the error by adding specific ports for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. You can do this in the following way using the built-in settings of the Mail application:

  1. open the Mail app;
  2. click on the gear icon “Settings” to open the settings;
  3. then click on the item “Manage Accounts”;
  4. in your account settings, select “Change mailbox sync settings”;
  5. go down to the very bottom in a new window and click on “Incoming and outgoing mail server info” (under the item “Advanced mailbox settings”);
  6. add port pop. **********: 995 for the incoming mail server (where ********** is the name of your mail server);
  7. add port smtpout. **********: 465 for outgoing mail server;
  8. save your changes and restart your computer.

Try using the Windows Mail app again and see if the error 0x80072f89 has been resolved.

Method # 3 Re-create a Windows Mail account

Some users have managed to get rid of this annoying problem by simply re-creating an account in the Windows Mail app. However, this time you will not be specifying SSL options when adding mail.

  1. open the Mail app;
  2. click on the gear icon “Settings” to open the settings;
  3. then click on the item “Manage Accounts”;
  4. click on the item “Delete account from this device”;
  5. click on the “Delete” button to confirm your intentions and the “Done” button;
  6. then go back to the section on managing accounts (Manage Accounts) and click on the “Add account” button;
  7. select your email provider and enter the personal details from it to complete the add process. Make sure you uncheck all the boxes next to the options related to SSL certificates.

Try sending or receiving some kind of email to check if the error 0x80072f89 has been fixed.

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