• November 29, 2023

How to fix error 0x80240061 when updating Intel MEI?

Error 0x80240061 occurs while updating the Intel Management Engine driver through Update. Some users restart their computer or try to update the driver a little later, however, as a rule, they expect the same result.

What causes error 0x80240061?

  • A bug in the Windows Update. A fairly common problem that can be solved with a troubleshooter.
  • Driver incompatible with the system. In some cases, the Update Center may try to install a driver that is incompatible with the OS or user’s hardware. It is enough to hide the incompatible driver.
  • Windows Update cannot find the latest required driver. Apparently, the Update Center is not always able to find the most recent version of the Intel Management Engine driver. In this case, the driver will need to be installed manually.

How to get rid of error 0x80240061?


Method # 1 Run the troubleshooter

Before you start digging deeply into your system settings, we recommend that you use the Windows Update troubleshooter. This tool will probably help you get rid of error 0x80240061 in minutes.

So, try the following:

  • press Windows + R;
  • write ms-settings: troubleshoot and press Enter;
  • find the item “Windows Update” and select it;
  • now click on the “Run the troubleshooter” button;
  • follow the instructions on your screen.

Once done, restart your computer and then try to update the Intel driver again. Error 0x80240061 could have disappeared by this point.

Method # 2 Using Intel Driver & Support Assistant

The Intel Management Engine driver that is trying to install via Update may be incompatible with your system. In this case, we highly recommend using a proprietary tool such as Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

Go to this link and click on the Download Now button. Once you download the appropriate installer, launch it and follow the instructions on the screen. Then run the installed tool and let it scan your system – a list of drivers that need to be updated will appear.

You just have to click on the “Download all updates” button, and then follow the instructions on the screen to install all downloaded drivers. When you finish working with Intel Driver & Support Assistant, restart your computer and check for error 0x80240061.

Method # 3 Installing the IME Engine Driver Manually

If none of the automatic tools helped you, then you can always try to install the problematic driver on your own. Go to this link to load the sp75509 IME engine driver. Don’t worry about the reliability of the link: it will take you to the official HP website.

Run the sp75509.exe file and follow the instructions from the installer on your screen. Once you finish installing the driver, restart your computer. Error 0x80240061 cannot appear in any way during the execution of this process.

Method # 4 Hiding the problem driver

Were the above methods useless for you? Well, in this case, you can simply hide the IME driver from your system, thereby getting rid of the error 0x80240061. It is true that you will not get a new version of the driver in this case, but at least you will be able to get rid of the annoying error.

Try the following:

  • go to this link to download a tool for hiding updates on a PC;
  • run it, then click on the “Advanced” line at the bottom of the window and check the box next to the “Automatically apply fixes” option;
  • now click on the “Next” button and wait;
  • click on the “Hide updates” button, and then select the desired update from the list provided and click “Next”;
  • wait until the end of hiding the update and restart the computer.

That’s it, the update for the IME engine driver has been hidden and the error 0x80240061 will no longer bother you.

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