• March 4, 2024

How to fix error 0x80300024 when installing Windows?

0x80300024 – an error that occurs during the installation of various versions of Windows. The error message states that Windows cannot be installed to the selected location. A similar error can be caused by everything from lack of free disk space or damaged installation media to hardware failure of the user’s HDD / SDD.

Faced the same problem? You are in luck: below you can find several methods that have helped to get rid of error 0x80300024 for many users all over the Internet.

Solution for error 0x80300024 when installing Windows


Method # 1 Disconnecting unnecessary disks

If you have multiple drives connected to your computer and you are trying to install Windows on one of them, try disconnecting any unnecessary drives. The point is that they can interfere with the normal installation of the OS. Once you have one drive left in your PC, run Windows setup again and see if error 0x80300024 goes away.

Method # 2 Connecting the installation media to another USB port

Trying to install Windows from a USB stick? Try inserting the created installation media into a different USB port on your computer: the port you are using now may not work correctly. Did everything go without the appearance of 0x80300024? Unfortunately, there is clearly something wrong with one of your USB ports – you need to fix it.

Method # 3 Selecting the priority for the disk in the BIOS

Some users note that they managed to overcome the 0x80300024 error as soon as they put the desired disk in the first place in the boot priority in the BIOS. Each motherboard has a different BIOS – you will have to search the Internet for related information. We go into the BIOS, go to the boot priority section, put the appropriate disk in the first place – that’s what you need to do. If you have UEFI in Russian, no problem at all.

Method # 4 Formatting a partition

Have you forgotten to clean up the partition on which you are trying to install Windows? If you forgot, then the error 0x80300024 may occur for this very reason. You definitely need to first format the desired partition and only then install the system on it.

Start Windows setup again. When you get to the question “Where do you want to install Windows?”, Select the desired section and click on the “Format” button. Wait until the end of the procedure. Once the partition is formatted, proceed with the Windows installation. This time, error 0x80300024 is unlikely to appear.

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