• March 4, 2024

How to fix error 0xbba in the Xbox app?


When trying to sign in to a profile in the Xbox app on Windows 10, an alert appears: We can’t sign you in right now. Try again later (0xbba). It is impossible to log in further and rebooting the system does not help.

Error 0xbba in the Xbox app

The reasons

  1. Internet connection errors.
  2. Using a proxy server.
  3. Incorrect date and region settings.
  4. The network service is not allowed to connect.
  5. Disable the Xbox Live online service.
  6. Incorrect network privacy settings.


Try the following methods to fix error 0xbba:

  • Make sure your antivirus or firewall settings are correct. To do this, disable them for a while and try to log into the Xbox app again. If the attempt is successful, add the Xbox Live service to the antivirus and firewall firewall exceptions. Alternatively, disable your antivirus and firewall every time before launching the Xbox program.
  • Make sure you are not using a proxy connection. To do this, go to “Control Panel” => “Browser (Internet) Options” => “Connections” tab => “Network Settings”. In the last window, uncheck the “Use script …” and “Use proxy server …” lines. If you have Windows 10, it’s faster to act differently. Open “Options” => “Network and Internet” => “Proxy”. On the last window, set the sliders to the “Off” position for the “Use script …” and “Use proxy server” options.
  • Make sure your computer is set to the correct date and time. To do this, it is preferable to activate the option to update the system clock via the Internet. Go to “Control Panel” => “Date and Time” => “Internet Time” tab => “Change Settings”. Check the box next to the “Synchronize with server …” option. If you have Windows 10, then proceed differently. Click on Start (lower left corner) and click on the gear icon. Then follow the path: “Time and language” => side tab “Region and language” => block Related parameters “Additional parameters …” => “Setting date and time” => tab “Internet time” => “Change parameters ”=> Checkbox opposite“ Synchronize with server… ”.
  • Turn on permission for the app. Hold down the Win + R button combination. Type “regedit” in the window and press Enter. The Registry Editor starts. In the left pane, follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SYSTEM => CurrentControlSet => Control => NSI => {eb004a01-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc} => 26. Right-click on folder 26 and click on “Permissions ”. In the block “Groups or users” for each line, check the box next to “Allow” for the option “Full access”. Save the changes by clicking on “OK” and “Apply”. Hold the Win + R combination. In the window, enter the cmd query and hold down the key combination Ctrl + Enter + Shift. In the black window that appears, type netsh int ip reset and press Enter. Reboot your computer.
  • Reinstall Xbox. Hold the Win + R combination. In the window, type powershell prompt and press Enter + Ctrl + Shift. In the blue window, enter Get-AppxPackage * xboxapp * | Remove-AppxPackage and start the process by pressing Enter. Reboot your system. Then go to the Windows store, enter Xbox in the search bar and install the found application.
  • Make sure the Xbox Live service is running. Hold down the Win + R button combination. In the window, type services.msc and press Enter. Look in the main window for the line “Xbox Live Networking Service”. Click on it with the right mouse button => “Properties”. On the “General” tab, click on “Run”. Also make sure that the Startup Type box is set to Automatic.
  • Changing the network type from public to private. Hold down the Win + R button combination. In the window, type services.msc and press Enter. In the left pane, click on the line “Network List Manager Policies”. In the right pane, look for the network through which the computer is connected to the Internet. Click on it with the right mouse button => “Properties” => “Network Location” tab. Check the boxes next to “Private” and “User cannot change location”.

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