• February 22, 2024

How to fix error 0xC00DB3B2 in Windows 10?

Windows 10 users have recently quite often complained about the appearance of the error 0xC00DB3B2, which occurs during the launch of various video files in the “Movies and TV” application. It is believed that this problem began to manifest itself only after a recent system update.

Causes of error 0xC00DB3B2

After reviewing the problem, we were able to compile a small list of reasons that can potentially cause error 0xC00DB3B2 in Windows 10.

  • HEVC video extensions not installed. In most cases, the 0xC00DB3B2 error occurs due to the absence of the HEVC extension (codecs) in the system. If this is indeed the problem, then it can be resolved by installing “HEVC Video Extensions” from the Microsoft Store.
  • HEVC extensions are not working correctly. Another possible scenario: HEVC extensions are installed, but they do not work correctly, whether due to damage to important files or an accidental bug. The solution is to reset the HEVC Video Extensions app.
  • The files for the Movies & TV application were damaged. Sometimes the error appears when the “Movies and TV” application does not work properly with HEVC codecs, which may be caused by damage to the files of the application itself. In this case, the error 0xC00DB3B2 can be resolved by resetting the “Movies and TV” application.

Let’s now look at the methods for solving the error 0xC00DB3B2 in more detail.

Methods for solving error 0xC00DB3B2


Method # 1 Install / Reinstall HEVC

In most cases, users solve this problem by installing or reinstalling HEVC codecs. If you are not lucky enough to stumble upon error 0xC00DB3B2 while using Windows 10, then try the following:

  1. with HEVC codecs already installed, press the Windows + R key combination to open the “Run” window;
  2. write in the empty line “ms-settings: appsfeatures” (without quotes) and press Enter — you will see the “Applications and features” settings section;

    The note: if you do not have HEVC codecs installed, then go to step 4

  3. find the required codecs in the list of installed applications and remove them from the system by clicking on the “Remove” button;
  4. press the Windows + R combination, enter the value “ms-windows-store: // home” and press Enter to open the home page of the Microsoft Store;
  5. use the store’s search bar and find the HEVC Video Extensions app;

    The note: you can also use by this linkto instantly go to the place you want.

  6. Install the app and restart your computer.

Method # 2 Resetting HEVC Extension

Some users claim that they were able to fix the 0xC00DB3B2 error by resetting the HEVC Video Extensions app. Let’s try to do this and we:

  1. press the combination Windows + R to bring up the “Run” window;
  2. type in “ms-settings: appsfeatures” and press Enter;
  3. find in the list “Extensions for HEVC video” and go to the advanced settings of the application;
  4. click on the “Reset” button, then – again “Reset” to confirm your intentions;
  5. restart your computer and check for the problem.

Method # 3 Resetting the “Movies and TV” application

Error 0xC00DB3B2 can occur as a result of damage to some files in the “Movies and TV” application. The solution is to reset this app.

  1. Press Windows + R and run the command “ms-settings: appsfeatures”;
  2. find the “Movies & TV” application and open its additional options;
  3. click “Reset” twice in a row and reboot the system.

Error 0xC00DB3B2 can be solved without any problems if you enlist one of the above three methods.

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