• March 4, 2024

How to fix error 800f020b while installing Windows updates?

An entire generation of Windows users intermittently encounters error 800f020b. It can appear in any version of Windows, starting with the “seven”. Still, the largest number of registered crashes is in Windows 10. The error appears when you try to add one or a couple of updates to the system. If you run the Diagnostic Tool for Update Center, its result reports a number of unrecoverable issues. Therefore, you often have to solve the failure yourself, but this is not difficult thanks to this guide.

What causes error 800f020b to appear?

Careful analysis of the nature of the problem, reports from different users and how to fix the failure helped to determine the root cause of the problem. This is confirmed by the built-in Windows diagnostic tool.

According to the research, the most common causes of error are:

  • Missing or inappropriate driver. One or more drivers may not be supported in the update that the user is trying to download and install. Unfortunately, here you have to choose: either remove the problematic driver, or refuse to install the update. Another way is to wait until the next system upgrade is released, so that compatibility with the driver may appear.
  • The printer does not receive updates when connected via Wi-Fi. Most printers can work but are unable to update firmware wirelessly. The way to fix it is to set up a wired connection to flash the device.
  • An external hard drive is not connected, but its driver is preventing updates from being installed. Despite the absence of a removable HDD connected to the computer, it still affects the operation of the system. It’s all about the driver that cannot work correctly and is returned by Windows – the device was not found. To fix the problem, it is enough to restore the connection to the hard drive.
  • Damaged driver. If the OS has a faulty driver, when the system is updated, the updated software will be installed on top of it. During an attempt to install a new driver version on a problematic distribution kit, an error 800f020b appears. The only way to deal with the problem is to return the driver to a working state, which will help with a restore point. After the rollback is complete, the update should be normal in the OS.

The error will stop appearing after correcting the original source of the problem. In each case, the actions may be different, because the failure is provoked by completely different reasons. The 4 methods below are aimed at eliminating each of the above root causes. It is better to perform them sequentially, in the same order in which the methods are described in the instructions. However, if the user knows or guesses about the reason that triggered the error, it is worth going straight to the appropriate method.

Method 1: create a wired connection to the printer

If an error occurs when trying to install the updated firmware on a printer, and it is currently connected wirelessly, creating a wired connection will help fix the problem. Many devices do not support installing new firmware over Wi-Fi. It is noticed that the error most often appears on printers from HP.

The device must come with a USB cable for wired connection to a computer. If it is not there, then you will have to purchase a cord, the cost of which does not exceed 100-200 rubles, depending on the length. To create a connection, simply connect the PC to the printer via a cable. Now it’s worth trying to re-install the update. It worked? Yes – good, no – the next method should be tried.

Method 2: installing an external hard drive

The method often works in cases where drivers for a removable hard disk have been installed in the past, especially for HP. Windows Update tries to communicate with the drive to install the firmware, but instead the system receives a “device not found” response. To prevent the error, it is enough to reconnect the external HDD. The system will be able to establish a connection with the disk, therefore, the failure should not appear.

Important! This method can be applied to other USB devices as well.

Method 3: hide Windows updates

Not only in the case of a missing device, the system may try to install an update for the problematic driver. Some devices may simply be incompatible with the update.

Users with similar issues reported that they were able to achieve a positive outcome simply by hiding the bug causing update. Maybe you just need to wait a little and Windows will learn how to work with this driver, or the developer of the latter will release a suitable version. Manual installation of drivers from the manufacturer’s website can also help.

How to hide an update:

  1. Download and install the package to remove Microsoft Show or Hide problems by link
  2. Double-click to open the installed utility and go to the “Advanced” section.
  3. Check the box next to “Apply fixes automatically” and click on the “Next” button to go to the next menu.
  4. Wait for the search to complete and click on the “Hide updates” button.
  5. Check the box next to the update that you want to hide and click on the “Next” button.
  6. Wait until the end of the procedure and restart the computer.

Method 4: using a system restore point

Due to user actions, virus activity, or improper shutdown, some system files or drivers may be damaged. For obvious reasons, they will not be able to update; instead, error 800f020b will appear. To be able to install the update, you must return the computer to a fully functional state. A restore point will help with this.


  1. Click on Win + R combination, insert rstrui and press the Enter key.
  2. Inside the recovery wizard, click on the “Next” button.
  3. In the new window, select a suitable point when Windows and devices in it worked completely properly.
  4. Click “Next” to run the utility and follow the wizard’s recommendations, if any.
  5. To restart a computer.

If all manipulations were performed correctly, error 800f020b can be corrected. True, in some cases you have to refuse to install the problematic update (as in method 3). Skipping one of the small system upgrades is not dangerous, after a short time another update will be released, to which it will be easy to update.

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