How to fix error code 8015402B on Xbox 360?

Error 8015402B occurs for Xbox 360 owners when they try to sign in to Xbox Live, create a new Microsoft account, or give someone else access to their console.

The appearance of 8015402B usually means that the email address used in your Microsoft account has not been verified (verified). It is enough to start verifying mail – the problem will be solved. You can also upload the profile you want to your Xbox 360 if, for some reason, the verification fails.


Email verification

You have to bother with email verification for the reason that Microsoft is very distrustful of email accounts from Google, Yahoo and other “non-native” companies. Microsoft Exchange and Outlook users don’t have to do that.

One way or another, after creating a Microsoft account, open the inbox of the linked mail and look for an email from the Microsoft Account team there. Open the letter and click on the “Verify *****” button, then wait for the verification process to complete.

Go back to your Xbox 360 and try signing in to Xbox Live again. Error 8015402B shouldn’t bother you this time.

Create a Microsoft account using a browser

8015402B Occurs when creating a Microsoft account on the Xbox 360 itself? You can work around the error by creating an account on the official Microsoft website. Try this:

  • go to this link from your computer or mobile device;
  • click on the blue “Sign In” button on the page;
  • click on the “Create one!” hyperlink;
  • write down the mail you need and set a password;
  • now enter the confirmation code that came to the used mail.

Once you’ve created a Microsoft account, try signing in to Xbox Live on your console. If you have not forgotten to verify your mail, error 8015402B should not appear.

Download your Xbox profile

If you see an 8015402B with an Xbox profile that has long been created and stored on Microsoft servers, you should be able to work around the error by forcing that profile to your console. Here’s what you need to do:

  • get to the profile login screen on Xbox 360 (before the error appears);
  • go down to the bottom of the screen and select “Load profile”;
  • then write down your email address and password.

The download of the Xbox profile will begin, after which you will be prompted to remember the password – here at your discretion. You should have logged in under the profile you need – no error 8015402B will appear.

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