• February 20, 2024

How to fix fatal errors, crashes at launch, freezes in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

The computer version of Resident Evil 3 Remake often causes various problems for players: from the error “The disk is damaged” or sound problems, to crashes at launch and fatal errors. We also know about frequent freezes, freezes and low fps among users. This article is about fixing the listed issues in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

How to troubleshoot Resident Evil 3 Remake errors and lags?

This is a fresh, high-quality remake of the original part of the game. It, like the previous part, is based on the RE Engine, which means it has attractive graphics and decent optimization. This still does not mean that the game has no lags and is working properly for everyone. Over time, it may be so, but now we have to use alternative solutions and workarounds.

How to remove lags and increase fps?

Due to the abundance of different computer configurations, developers cannot take into account all possible assembly options, so some users complain about performance problems: FPS drops, low frame rates, lags and freezes.

How to improve the situation:

  • Check for complex background processes. During the game, programs that consume a lot of processing power of the video card, hard disk and processor should not be running. It is better to close all secondary applications.
  • Install the latest graphics driver. Updating often helps, but sometimes a downgrade is needed – a rollback to a previous software update.
  • In the settings, turn off DirectX 12 and activate DirectX 11.
  • Change graphics settings. To do this, open the “NVidia Control Panel”, select “Manage 3D Settings” and select this game in the “Program Settings” section. It remains only in the “Vertical sync” parameter to select the “On” option. In the game itself, you should turn off vertical sync.
  • Enable the “Prefer maximum performance” option. It is located in the Power Management Mode section. Here it is also worth setting the “Texture filtering” setting to the “High performance” position.

How to solve fatal error in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

Many Resident Evil 3 Remake players write that their fatal error appears in both DirectX 12 and DirectX 11. The probable cause of the problem is the GPU: it may be outdated and simply not capable of handling large data streams, or it is overclocked.

What can be done:

  • Limit the number of FPS. This can be easily accomplished in the NVidia settings. In the parameters of the panel you need to find the option “Max. FPS limit “for this game and set 30 fps. Empirically, you can find the optimal number of frames per second, at which the computer will not generate a critical error.
  • Return the GPU to its original frequency. Even factory overclocking can cause glitches. MSI Afterburner can be used to reduce the clock speed. First, you should try to lower the value by 50-100 MHz. If it doesn’t work – 100-200 MHz.

Eliminate crashes

Many players report that Resident Evil 3 Remake crashes almost immediately after launch. The game does not even reach the loading of the first video, as it is already abnormally closed.


  1. Install K-lite codecs. then you should run codecTweakTools, and in the “Media Foundation” section, click “Reset”. It remains to save the changes and restart the game.
  2. Add mod. If errors appear “E: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common RE3 re3.exe” or rende rdevicedx12.cpp and similar, you need to install this Maud… He almost always helps.

How do I fix a black screen?

If a black screen appears during startup and nothing happens on it, but you hear a sound, the problem lies in the wrong resolution. The fix is ​​easy – start the game and press Alt + Enter. The game should go into windowed mode and will be displayed. Now it’s worth going to the settings and choosing your monitor resolution.

What to do if there is a Corrupt Disc error?

The message “Disk is damaged” causes the game to not start at all. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix the problem. It is enough to open Steam, go to the “Library” and turn off the DLC that came as a gift for the pre-order. Once the download is finished, you can enable the add-on.

If that doesn’t work, you should go to Steam> logs> content_log. Scrolling through the file to the very bottom, you can find the path to the problem file. It remains to find and delete it. Now on Steam you need to start checking the game files. The problematic item will be automatically loaded and added.

How to fix HDR problem?

Players are reporting that when launching RE3 Remake with HDR, they are experiencing blurry images and increased brightness. The point is in the mode settings. To do this, open the display settings and calibrate it.

How to fix crash on startup when RE3 Remake won’t power on?

According to the statements of some Resident Evil 3 Remake players, their game does not start at all or throws out in speed after being turned on. Experimentally, we managed to find several options for solutions:

  • Open the game folder, run the re3_config.ini file and turn off the UseOptimizeShader option.
  • Go to the directory with the game files, right-click on the executable file, go to “Properties” and in the “Compatibility” section, check the box next to “Run this program as administrator”. It remains to save the changes, and the game should start.
  • If “Missing MSVCP120.dll” or “MSVCP120.dll was not found” errors, uninstall “Microsoft Visual C ++”. The next step is to download the latest version of the platform and install it.
  • Disable anti-virus protection and firewall, because they can falsely detect the game as a Trojan horse. An alternative option is to add the folder with RE3 Remake to exclusions.
  • Update Windows This often helps.
  • Opt out of the Windows Insider Program.

There is no sound or he stutters, what should I do?

Common audio problems include muffled backing, no audio, or stuttering.

How to fix it:

  • In the case of muted sound, go to the “Sound Control Panel” in Windows, select the active device and activate the “Volume equalization” option in the “Improvements” section. You need to apply the changes and you can start the game.
  • Turn on virtual sync in the Nvidia panel and turn it off in-game. If the problem has not been fixed, you should set the “Fast” parameter in the video card settings.
  • Turn off spatial sound. The parameter can be found in the sound control panel in the properties of active speakers or headphones.

These are all known fixes for various Resident Evil 3 Remake issues. This included sound issues as well as fatal errors or startup problems.

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