• October 1, 2022

How to fix SiHost.Exe Error Hard Drive error on Windows 10?

Some Windows 10 users may suddenly receive the “SiHost.exe Unkown Hard Error” error. Moreover, it appears every time you try to log into your Windows profile. Other users see the error immediately after booting the system, while others encounter a failure when installing a new program. All this looks rather strange and does not allow starting or ending the process. We learned why this error appears and how to fix it.

What is this SiHost.Exe file?

It is an executable system file that is used by Windows to perform various tasks. It is completely safe and not a virus. The file is involved in the launch of various processes, which is why the error appears with completely different actions. It is used both when you click on Start, and when you open a menu, start the Windows interface, etc.

Causes of the system warning Unkown Hard Error

After an in-depth analysis of this problem, we were able to find out that a failure is preceded by several major failures. Here is a list of the main scenarios in which the SiHost.Exe Hard Drive Error appears:

  • Old build installed Windows 10… Also, an incorrect update of the operating system, especially from older versions of Windows, can provoke a breakdown. There is only one solution – to install one by one all the available upgrades that are waiting for this in the “Windows Update”.
  • System files damaged… There are tools that can fix this quickly.
  • File conflict… This may be the incompatibility of individual drivers with a program or system component. The easiest solution is to roll back the system to a working state. A more difficult but effective way is to manually search for the causes of the problem, disabling everything unnecessary and updating the drivers.
  • File corruption during installation Windows… Conflicts of critical OS files will prevent the system from starting. System Restore can fix this – this utility is available if you start the computer from the installation disc.

How do I fix the problem?

In most cases, the problem lies in the failure of system files, but sometimes in third-party programs. Both can be corrected. Here are the working ways:

  • Install all updates. Microsoft Support reports that a problem with Windows Update may be causing the crash. A crash occurs when the update is not installed correctly. This is especially common among users who have migrated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. To run the update, you just need to open Windows Update and check for available system updates.

SiHost.exe Unkown Hard Error

  • Scan the system. SFC and DISM are tools created for this purpose. They are just designed to scan the system and fix all sorts of its problems, including the sihost.exe error in Windows 10. To use the utility, just insert into the console with elevated privileges first sfc / scannowand then, if that wasn’t enough – DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth… After each command, you need to wait until the analysis procedure is completed.

SiHost.exe Unkown Hard Error

  • System Restore. System Restore is the user’s last hope, which does not imply a Windows reset and the potential loss of useful files. To start the rollback tool, it is enough to find the “Restore” utility through the search (it is called in one word, all other options lead to the wrong place), and then select a point and wait. The installation wizard will do everything for us.

SiHost.exe Unkown Hard Error

  • Reset Windows. There is a feature that allows you to return Windows 10 to factory settings. It can be found by the key query “Reset the computer to its original state.” Then you just need to follow the prompts of the system.

SiHost.exe Unkown Hard Error

We do not yet know of other ways to eliminate the SiHost.Exe Unknown Error Hard Drive error. Perhaps they are not needed, since most often it is a crooked update. Microsoft has long since released an upgrade with the necessary changes that fix the bug. As a last resort, a reset or restore will help.

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