• February 22, 2024

How to fix the error with the Msvcr120_clr0400.dll file?

The Msvcr120_clr0400.dll file is responsible for unpacking the requested data during the installation of certain applications. Also, this file is used when launching programs and games written in C ++. Recently, a huge number of Windows users began to complain about errors about the absence of this file.

Cause of missing Msvcr120_clr0400.dll error

The error about the absence of Msvcr120_clr0400.dll, which is located in the System32 folder, can occur only because there is something wrong with this file, for example, it could be damaged, deleted or modified by viruses. Simply put, the installation wizard or application cannot access the file and an error occurs.

It is possible to solve this problem using two elementary methods.

Method # 1 Start SFC Scan

The SFC system utility is able to scan the system for damaged files and try to repair them. To run it, do the following:

  1. press the combination Windows + R;
  2. enter the command “cmd” and press the combination Shift + Ctrl + Enter;
  3. enter the command “sfc / scannow” (without quotes) into the command line and press Enter;

Wait until the check is complete, then restart your computer and check if the problem with the Msvcr120_clr0400.dll file has been resolved.

Method number 2 Reinstall .NET Framework 4.5

The Msvcr120_clr0400.dll file is installed with the .NET Framework 4.5, so reinstalling this library package is a logical solution. To do this, do the following:

  1. press the combination Windows + I;
  2. select the “Applications” section;
  3. go to the “Applications and Features” tab;
  4. click on “.NET Framework 4.5” and click on the “Remove” button;
  5. follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall the application;
  6. take advantage by this link to download the .NET Framework 4.5 installer;
  7. re-install .NET Framework 4.5.

Check if the issue with the missing Msvcr120_clr0400.dll file has been resolved.

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