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How to get a free pet in Among Us

Playing as a team member or a traitor, you can diversify your leisure time with the help of pets. However, getting them is not easy. Sharing life hacks!

Among Us

Among Us skins and pets are cosmetic improvements for characters. They help to distinguish crew members, make them unique. The best group of items are pets. Especially pets! When a character dies due to a traitor, his companion remains in the same place until the end of the game. This can help identify the impostor if the true location of the body has been lied to.

There are several ways to get a pet in Among Us. We share with you the simplest!

No cheating

Among Us

In Among Us, pets are sold in the in-game store. Each satellite costs $ 2.99. Even if you play the free version of the game for mobile phones, you still have to pay for pets. An alternative is to buy a themed kit that includes a small satellite.

How to get a pet for free?

There is an easy way to get pets in Among Us for free without cheating. Skins are opened using the same method! The methods for PC and Android are different, but we will share both topics and topics. However, before doing this, you need to know the numbers (ID) of the pets that you will enter.

Item ID English name Russian name
one Brainslug Brain slug
2 Mini crewmate Mini crew member (child)
3 Dog Dog
four Henry Henry
five Hamster Hamster in a ball
6 Robot Robot
8 Ellie Ellie
9 Squig Squid (octopus alien)
ten Bedcrab Headcrab

Free pets on PC

Among Us

Getting a free pet on your PC is incredibly easy. You only need to change 1 number in the file – and your companion will always be with you. The disadvantage of this method is that only one pet can be opened this way. If you want to change it, you will need to follow our instructions again.

To get a free pet in Among US on PC you need:

  1. Open the game folder.
  2. Find and open the file playerPrefs.
  3. You need to change one number in the document. In the screenshot below, we indicated what exactly needs to be changed.
  4. Save the document.

Among Us

The game folder can be found this way: C: (or another letter of the drive on which the game is installed) / Users / Username (as the computer is called) / AppData / LocalLow / Innersloth / Among Us

Free pets for Android

To get a free pet on Android, you need to do almost the same thing as on a PC. However, you won’t be able to open the file on your phone just like that – you need a special program. A pet is also issued only one, the number of which will be recorded in the document!

To get a free pet in Among US on Android you need:

  1. Download Total Commander from Google Play. It’s free.

  2. Open the game folder.
  3. Find and open the playerPrefs file via TotalCMD-Editor (it is built into the program)
  4. You need to change one number in the document. In the screenshot below, we indicated what exactly needs to be changed.
  5. Save the document.

Among Us

The game folder can be found this way: / STORAGE / EMULATED / 0 / ANDROID / DATA / com.intersloth.spacemafia / FILES

How to get a pet with cheats?

Among Us

Cheats for skins and pets in Among As are the easiest way to get the desired items right away. With the help of hackers, you can instantly open absolutely all items from the store. And for this you will not need to do absolutely anything. You just need to download and install the desired cheat.

Free pets for Android

In Among As, cheats for all pets are easiest to use on smartphones. It is enough to do a few simple steps:

  1. Download our hacked file.
  2. Transfer it to your cell phone.
  3. Remove the original Among Us.
  4. Install our file. You will need to give this additional permission – just by clicking on a button in the pop-up menu.
  5. Enjoy the game with all the pets and skins!
among as cheats 3 pets and items

Using the links below you can download Among As with all the pets for Android from a resource convenient for you.

.apk from Cloud Mail.ru – DOWNLOAD

.apk from Google Drive – DOWNLOAD

More interesting features in the collection of the best cheats for Among Us

Free pets on PC

It’s easier to get free pets for Android (like skins) than for PC. Therefore, carefully follow the instructions for installing cheats:

  1. Download the hacked file from the link below.
  2. Install on your computer. You don’t need to delete the original game!
  3. Enable cracker (with administrator rights).
  4. Enable the game in windowed mode – to have access to cheats.
  5. Before playing in the cheat program, discover all the pets and skins.
  6. Enjoy the game!

Using the links below, you can download Among As with all the pets for PC from a resource convenient for you.

DOWNLOAD Modsfire (password 777)

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru (password 777)

DOWNLOAD from Google Drive (password 777)

Playing Among As with all pets is much more interesting than with the basic set of accessories. In addition, this cheat does not harm other players in any way, and its use is almost invisible to the developers. However, if you want to support the creators of the game, we recommend buying skins or pets from them so that they can further develop their game.

At the end of 2020, the developers created a special anti-cheat that will help fight those who play dishonestly. So be careful when using cheats if you don’t want to get banned.

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