• May 26, 2022

How to get a premium tank or gold in new boxes (loot boxes) for free?

The developers did not wait for winter and have already rolled out boxes with premium tanks, but this time there is an option to get them without donation.

Special energy block

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and an overview of awards in loot boxes (power units) timed to the “Last Waffentrager” event in World of Tanks. This time there will be three types, the first two I can get absolutely everything:

But this set is only for donation (and one more method further):Special energy blocks

The price of the boxes is still unknown, but most likely it will be about the same as last year: from 110 rubles apiece to 3599 for a large set. Two rewards are guaranteed (slots 1 and 2), but 3 is random, that’s where premium tanks are.

Look at list of equipment, it is much larger than in New Year’s boxes, but the content is very depressing. Some of the tanks are simply irrelevant and in 2020 very few people will buy them (there are just better cars), the other part can be obtained completely free of charge for completing referral program

By the way, the players who completed the referral were lucky – some of the tanks are already in the Garage, while others from the list were bought by Trade-In, having received a good discount in exchange for AMX Mle. 49. Therefore, in the event that an existing tank falls out, there will be compensation in gold (full value).

Therefore, if you have unfinished contracts or have not chosen a technique, it’s time to take it. The same goes for buying out tanks if they were sold for silver.

The main value here is the new premium heavy T77, which is in many ways just a smaller version of Havik.

If the New Year’s boxes were exclusively for donation, then this time the developers make it possible for the luckiest players to earn them. A special boss is introduced into the game Waffenträger auf E 220 (pay attention to the numbers). In addition, they have separate yellowish camouflageWaffenträger

They will managed by developers or popular bloggers / streamers. If you are in such a fight, then in case of victory, each player will receive a donated power unit (box).

Before the start of the event, a special prime time by serverwhen it will be possible to get into such battles.

As soon as the time appears, we will add it to this article. If at the end of the name the number “110”, then it is controlled by a simple player and therefore the rewards will be ordinary.

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