How to get free premium account and reserves

An easy way to play tanks to earn premiums in order to upgrade your vehicles and farm to restore silver reserves after the Black Market and before a new event on the Global Map.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and we will tell you about a small offer from the developers that invite players to be among the first to try the most global change in the history of World of Tanks… Now the last version has been rolled out on the Sandbox test server New Balance… To ensure that as many participants as possible take part in its testing, current accounts are transferred there and a reward is offered for the game.

UPD: The information is no longer relevant.

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You will be the first to see new branches of development (more than 100 tanks have been removed!), To evaluate a new type of equipment – collectible. And also try out several new tanks. The self-propelled guns will receive 3 types of shells, and for the rest of the equipment, the shells were rebalanced, including the nerf of land mines.

This stage of testing is more important than ever, so the developers strive to attract as many players as possible. Everyone who takes part in the testing will have the opportunity to express their opinion on the new changes in the survey format. Considering that all this will take some time, participants will receive encouragement:

  • 5 days of premium account (on the main server);
  • 30 personal reserves (10 of each type: freedom, combat experience, crew experience);
  • 30 improved consumables;
  • unique medal “Pioneer”

To receive rewards, you must complete three combat missionswhich are only available on the test server.

Please note that the first one is performed exclusively on Tier 2-4 vehicles; the second at 5-7 levels; the third is at 8-10 levels.

Problem conditions:

As you can see, the tasks are not difficult, it is enough to play 30 battles normally. Let us all sometimes have shoals and a couple of attempts will fail to enter the top 10 by experience, so 5 more fights can be added offhand.

All rewards are credited to your account on the main server after completing the survey, which will come to each participant around February 19.

You can get to the Sandbox test server by installing it via Game Center via the “install game by code” function:


If there is no WGG, then by this link you can download it immediately with the pre-installation of the “Sandbox”.

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