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How to get Silent Assassin in Hitman 3 (Dubai)?

We will not drag out for a long time and immediately analyze the two difficulties of this contract: firstly, there is one way out of this mission. Secondly, you will open up additional methods of murder, but there will be no additional points.


The entry point is the Atrium. You will need: a pistol with a silencer and coins. It doesn’t hurt to take an item with you that you can throw at the NPC, such as a snowball. You know how the guards are afraid of snowballs!

Step 1 – the long way to the penthouse

In the classics of such passages, we need patience and the ability to run non-stop. We run up the stairs to the Garden, and then we go to the only area with plants.


Then we move through the balcony on the right side and move around the entire building until we reach the platform. And then we jump onto the scaffold and open the window with the camera, there will be two technicians in the room. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Just knock out both NPCs and throw their bodies through the window. Fear not, the technicians have hard hats on their heads, so they will survive a fall from a window.
  2. Okay, peace-loving option: we wait until the female tech comes up to the male tech and they both get distracted. Then we can just walk by, into the corridor on the right.

Great, now there are two more options for the development of the event:

  1. Safe: wait for the guard to move away from the stairs, and then run up to the stairs and hide there. We are waiting for the technician to leave, take a crowbar and run up. From there we go to the next platform.

A way for those who like to take risks: we hammer on the stairs and go into the door on the left (in the image below), there will be a staircase in the room, go up it and climb through the hole in the wall on the left. Then we turn right and follow the path to the end. We pass along two ledges between the platforms and reach the third.

The third platform will have a blue tarp on the railing. Use your instinct, if the guards are not looking in your direction, climb over the railing. There will be a crowbar in the blue box, grab it.

Now jump over the blue tarp and you will find yourself at the same point as in the first method. The camera will be visible from the platform, shoot at it.

We use instinct to track the guard. When he leaves, we jump over the railing and move along the corridor until you see the door to the penthouse on the left side. Break it out.

Step 2 – get the letter opener

In the penthouse, go up the stairs to the very top floor. Go to the living room. There will be a guard, wait until he moves from the counter to the windows. And as soon as he starts to move to the next point, knock him out with a crowbar, and hide the body in the nearest box.

After removing the guard from the path, go to the doorway on the opposite side of the room from the path you entered. Use your instinct to check if there is a target there.

If the target is in the room, wait until he goes upstairs. The guards will follow him, the cleaning lady will go about her business, the guard will sit on the sofa and temporarily idyllize in the living room.

However, we will break it and go to look for the opener. When the guard sits down, we move past him, using the rack as a cover. The tear-off tool will be on the table at the far end of the room.

Also grab both Faberge eggs from the counter, they will come in handy later.

Step 3 – Bye Muayd

Return to the entrance to the room and climb the stairs. We stop at the first platform between the stairs.

We use instinct and look carefully: when our target leans against the balcony and goes about his business further. He will be accompanied by two bodyguards. Another guard is patrolling the area. It goes from the door of the roof section to the balcony and back. When he leaves from the doorway closest to you, sneak up to the stairs and follow him.

As soon as he comes to the balcony, hit him on the top of his head with a crowbar. Drag the body to the left corner of the roof section. No one walks around here, just make sure you hide his weapon as well.

After removing the guard from the road, return to where he was. There is a locked door just around the corner that leads to the guest room. Use the crowbar to break down the door.

There is a corridor on the opposite side of the section. There is also an NPC with a patrol who takes them from the vacuum cleaner in the hallway to the bathroom on the left and back. When this NPC enters the bathroom, follow him.

Cut him out, and hide the body in the container, and then turn on both taps and wait. There is a chance that one of Ingram’s guards will go to deal with what happened in the bathroom. Hide in the chest and wait for the guard to enter the bathtub and knock him out.

Regardless of whether the guards go to the bath or not, our next step is to get out into the cordior and turn on the vacuum cleaner. The cleaning lady decides to check what happened to the vacuum cleaner, and then she gets distracted by the sounds from the bathroom. We’ll hide behind the door and knock her out when she appears in the bathroom. Don’t worry if the container is already overflowing with bodies, this bathroom as if no one else is going to enter. So just leave your body in the corner.

We go into the room from which the cleaner came, there will be a guard. We cut him out and leave him lying on the floor, but before that we take his pistol. Go to the next doorway, there will be a Muayid standing by the bar. Engage him by throwing a coin to the opposite corner of the room, and then throw the letter knife at his skull.

Now we hide the body of the guard in the closet, in the same room, and throw the body of Muayd over the edge of the balcony, and drop the guard’s weapon there.

Step 4 – Kill Karl Ingram

Now we return to the roof section. Karl Ingram will appear there with bodyguards. If you knocked out one before, then you can leave the second alone. If not, hide in the doorway.

The bodyguard will check the door on the way to the balcony. Throw a coin into the guest room when the guard approaches, and then knock him out. Drag his body to the far side of the bed, to the side where there is no closed door.

Now the way is clear, we sneak along the right side of the roof and wait for Ingram to lean against the balcony. Throw a coin to the doorway to the stairs you climbed earlier to distract the second bodyguard.

When the bodyguard is distracted, throw Ingram down. Oops, what a fortunate circumstance, Ingram accidentally fell off the balcony.

Step 5 – Exit

Now we are waiting. The bodyguard will go downstairs to find out how his boss fell over the railing. Stay here until the guards take Ingram’s body away and return to their daily business. As it happens, we run to the guest room. A guard is patrolling the hall behind the inner door of this room. Wait until he stops at this door, knock him out and hide the body along with the bodyguard.

Return to the door and turn right towards the stairs. In one motion, you need to go down these stairs, turn right and again get into the living room. There is another guard here. Cut him out and toss the body into the container.
Get out of the penthouse, along the same stairs you came up. And at the very end of the stairs, turn left.

Open the window and jump over the scaffolding while sliding along the ledge. At the end of the ledge, go down the pole. You will find some more scaffolding, hide on them and wait until the NPCs on the other side finish smoking.

When they leave, go into the room and out of it through the door on the right. After climbing the stairs, stop at the door marked “Laundry”.

Knock out the NPC on the other side of the door. Hide the body in the trash can. Open the black and gold door and run inside, you need to act quickly, if you are seen in the laundry – everything is failed.

After passing through the black and gold door, you will find yourself in the toilet of the bar. Go from there to the Garden, and then to the room with two technicians.

The exit will be on the left. To get to it, wait until both technicians stop near the lanterns at the back of the room.

Go through the automatic doors and you will see the exit marked here on the platform. Activate it and get the well-deserved title of Silent Assassin.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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