• February 21, 2024

How to get Small boxes in WoT. Exchange of parcels via mail

Anton Pankov unique commander of the military

In the New Year Offensive 2022 in World of Tanks, you can not only get an unusual commander in your barracks, but also speed up the farming of small boxes to increase the Holiday Atmosphere.

Greetings tankers! Each year in the WoT New Year’s Offensive, a unique commander is introduced into the game:

  • 2019 – Nikolay Morozov dropped out of large boxes.
  • 2020 – Vasily Vyugin, which was given out for free to everyone upon entering the game.
  • 2021 – added a girl for a change Julia Winnfield, which was also only for donat (large boxes).

This year, the developers decided to change the approach and a secret unique crew member can now be obtained only for sending parcels (stamps). Under the slogan “Sometimes (not always) good deeds come back good!” with a small probability it may fall Anton Pankov – Chief Operating Producer and Developer of World of TanksMail in WoT

Many players remember him with quotes: “This is fine” and “You have to suffer from time to time”… We must pay tribute to Anton’s humor and subtle irony, this is how he commented on a dedicated post in the WotExpress group:comments

And yes, the idea with voice acting is very good, we hope it will really be added in one of the micro-patches.

Because you cannot get this commander’s donation, and not all players have 10 people as friends, then we offer to help each other.

Comrades tankers, leave your nicknames in the comments and add the rest as friends.

This does not force you to do anything, since a unique commander can only be dropped when sending a gift… In addition, the more friends send you a gift (and each received is converted into a small box), the faster you will collect collections with styles and increase the Holiday Atmosphere. In another way, it will be very difficult to take the 10th level of the tree.

And for those who in every possible way avoid society, there is also an option – the creation of twinks. You can register several accounts and send gifts to them, and from them to yourself. To do this, you only need to complete simple combat missions to receive stamps (in 1-3 battles, you can provide a twink with stamps for 6 gifts, i.e. 6 days).Combat missions

If you register a new account, keep working invite links and codes for registering with bonuses in WoT (premium account, tanks, gold and silver).

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