• September 28, 2023

How to get the Sniper Assassin achievement in Hitman 3 in Dubai

Before trying to get Sniper Assassin, complete at least two story missions in Dubai. This will help you remember where the key points are – this will simplify the task.

What do we need?

For an accurate appearance, there must be a place where you can carry the portfolio, so we choose the Atrium. A silenced pistol, coins, a bag, a sniper rifle and a nice suit – this classic set will be perfect for our mission.

Step 1 – Make an appointment

From the Atrium, run up the stairs and left. We follow to the bar, to the left of it – blue curtains, and steps behind them. We rise along them.

Climbed the stairs and turn left. On the way, you will have to go through double doors, turn on the instinct before entering them and make sure that the guard does not notice you.

We rise along the stairs behind the doors and we run further. There will be guards, but if you don’t slow down, everything will be fine.

You will find yourself in the room for the technical administration, there will be two NPCs, wait until they start working at the computers and go around them using the low boxes on the left side. Take scrap from these chests along the way.

We jump over the blue railing covered with tarpaulin, and then we move to the left.

Being under the corridor, we throw a coin on the floor to distract the guard.

We use the briefcase to remove the guard and drag the body into the service room on the left. There will be a janitor, but he is too busy with work to notice you.

You can distract the janitor from his work by hitting the head with a hammer. Hide the body in the same box as the guard.

The guard went to the water cooler before we knocked him out. We are heading there, there will be two watchmen: one – at the railing, the second – patrolling. The first – you can knock out anything, the second – better with a portfolio. We hide the bodies in the nearest boxes. The first will drop a key card, do not forget to pick it up.

The server room keycard is on your left. We move there. Once inside, a device will appear from the floor, activate it with your key card.

One of the four server towers around you now displays yellow text instead of green. Use the yellow tower to access the terminal in the room.

In the terminal, select option “03” and then “01”. Congratulations, you’ve turned off all the devices in the building and made an appointment for your two goals.

Return to the corridor through which you entered the room. Run along it to the left until you stop at the penthouse door. It will have to be broken with a crowbar.

We open the door, go up the stairs and use the instinct to see the target. And then we try to get to her unnoticed, if you are lucky – you will not be noticed.

Just around the corner there is a chest in which we will hide.

Step 2 – Kill the targets

You just have to wait. The targets will start meeting, the guards will leave the area, you will crawl out of the chest. When they start talking, a hint will appear in the field with a danger sign. This means that the guards will not get into the room. So we take out the rifle, wait for the targets to stand up and pau-pow, kill both. Congratulations to Agent 47.

Step 3 – Exit

A rifle in a briefcase, bodies in a chest and out. We turn off the blocking of the room and go the same way as we came. On the way there will be a guard, knock him out with a briefcase and hide the body in the next room, in the freezer. There will also be an NPC in the room, but he is distracted by his business. You can nail it too, if you wish.

Now we return in the same way as we came. Another achievement in your pocket.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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