• June 18, 2024

How to get Twitch Prime Mike for World of Tanks in 5 minutes [13 пакет]

The penultimate set has been released, which will delight you with the fact that they give out two imbe tanks of level 8 at once + gifts to veterans and beginners. In terms of content, this package is national, as always, a unique commander and many other goodies await us.

World of Tanks continues the “Live” campaign and 12th package has been released “Mike” for a Twitch Prime subscription. But there is a faster and easier way to get all the rewards – buy a ready-made Twitch account for 100 rubles from a reliable seller… This will take no more than 5 minutes.

general information

We have selected the most reliable sellers and personally checked the quality of service through a series of purchases throughout the year – all obligations are being met.

It is better to immediately devote 10 minutes of your time and do everything, and not put it off for a couple of days.

  1. We decide on the preferred payment method and click “buy now”.
  2. Then we will be asked to read the prompt and check the box.
  3. Enter the required data and confirm the purchase.
  4. After purchase, they send a username and password.
  5. Go to Twitch and enter the received username / password.
  6. Next, we go to the site with the Twitch.Amazon promotion.
  7. Here you need to log in and click “Sign in” in the upper right corner.Then we grant access.
  8. Then we choose “Claim Now”
  9. After the performed manipulations, we link the account with activated Twitch Prime to the WoT game account in the Wargaming personal account.
  10. If it was not possible to go to the Personal Account through this form (sometimes the VG website is buggy), then here is a direct link to the Personal Account in the WTO.
  11. When the inscription “Claimed” appears later, it means that everything has been done correctly.
  12. The mission was successfully completed and the award was awarded.
  13. We link the received account in the personal account of Wargaming, if we have not done so before.
  14. We go to World of Tanks and get awards.

Please note that the recruited crew member must be recruited by June 30, 2020.

If you have problems logging into your Twitch account (the wrong username / password or the Twitch account is already linked to another tank account), do not worry, there are sometimes overlays (very rarely). In this case, write to the seller and he will replace the login information.
You can start the correspondence by following the link that was sent with the login information or through the payment site in the “Completed purchases” section.

Mike package

Let’s take a closer look at the contents of the package.

Tanks for rent

ELC EVEN 90 + temporary Garage slot and 100% crew Lorraine 40 t + temporary Garage slot and 100% crew
1270 rubles 2055 rubles

ELC EVEN 90 is one of the most imposing LTs due to its excellent camouflage: it has an excellent stealth coefficient and a low silhouette, which allows using almost any shrub. Best for passive reconnaissance, can easily deal with most of the LBZ.

Lorraine 40 t CT has the same dynamics as LT, which allows him to move very quickly around the map, providing fire support where necessary. In terms of firepower, the Lorka boasts a 4-round drum with a potential damage of about 1200 units. The high armor penetration of the basic armor-piercing projectile helps to realize it. Considering that this type of projectile will increase damage in Balance 2.0, in the future this ST will be one of the best silver farmers.

Tanks are provided for rent for a period of 14 days from the date of package activation. At the same time, a 15% discount applies to the purchase of tanks.

Combat missions

Unique content

Please note that this time the commander Henri Vainqueur is tied to the nation – France.

King Tiger (captured)

How to get previous Kilo + Lima packages

Now there is an opportunity to make up for lost time by purchasing the December and January Twitch Prime packages for 150 rubles.

Receive World of Tanks Package Kilo + Lima (Without King Tiger) possible only if you have not purchased them before.

Seller – Verified: buy for 150 rubles.

Algorithm for receiving rewards after payment:

  1. Account details for Twitch are sent to the mail. You need to login.
  2. We link the received account in your personal account.
  3. We go into the game and collect gifts

Twitch Prime Veteran and Newbie Awards

Once you receive your monthly bundle rewards, you can purchase a Twitch Prime account to immediately pick up two packs for WoT and WoWs:

For beginners, the following set is provided:

[Twitch Prime] World of Tanks: START Package (Starter Pack) can also be bought from a verified seller:

You can get it only once per 1 account.

You can collect your rewards using the following links:

Link for World of Tanks

Link for World of Warships

How Veteran Beginner Bonuses Can Be Used

This is a unique chance to pump a twink if you want to start the statistics from scratch and get a good start. A more relevant option is the referral program 2.0, which, if desired, can be completed alone. With a premium account, bonuses and such an abundance of equipment, it will not be difficult to complete it.

If you decide to create a new account, then for a more effective start, we recommend using the invite link to get 600 gold and a Soviet light premium tank of level 3 at the beginning of the game T-127… When registering, be sure to indicate the invite code TANKOLETto get another 4 premium tanks for rent, a week of premium account and another 850 gold (compensation for the tank via the invite link).

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